Extra-Long Utility Knife Blades: Slice is Safe and Effective

When you have to cut thick materials, you need extra-long utility knife blades. If you try using a blade that doesn’t cut across the entire thickness of your material, you’ll waste time and make messy, jagged cuts. For materials like foam and fiberglass insulation, there is no substitute for long utility-knife blades.

The problem with traditional blades is that most are made of metal and are thin and razor-sharp. Metal is relatively soft so these blades tend to dull quickly. Traditional ceramic blades mimic the design of metal blades: thin and sharp. In fact, other ceramic blades are often sharper than metal blades. But this poses a laceration hazard for anyone using these blades.

Slice® addresses safety, wear resistance, and durability with our extra-long utility knife blades: the Slice 10538 Industrial Blade (Rounded Tip), the Slice 10539 Industrial Blade (Pointed Tip), and the Slice 10540 Industrial Blade (Serrated). When used in our long-blade utility knife models, what we call our industrial knives, these blades provide a cutting depth of up to 76 millimeters or 3 inches. Our industrial knives come in two models: retractable and auto-retractable.

Slice industrial knives are compatible with all our long utility-knife blades. The tools ship with a rounded-tip blade installed, since this is what the majority of safety managers request. Pointed-tip blades are available for applications where cuts must start with a puncture, and serrated blades are best for cuts that require a sawing motion.

A Safer, Sturdier, More Durable Long Utility-Knife Blade

All Slice blades are made with 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic. We developed a patent-pending safety edge which makes our blades finger-friendly®. They’re safe enough for you to touch, but sharp enough to cut through a huge variety of materials easily. Foam, batting, ceramic fiber blanket, corrugate, insulation? No problem. This video demonstrates how easily the Slice industrial Knives cut foam:

Zirconium oxide is much harder than steel and Slice’s thicker blade design takes advantage of that. Our special double-angle grind and thicker blade increases safety, but also wear resistance. In fact, our blades have been shown to last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. This is especially important when you’re cutting abrasive materials like ceramic fiber blanket or fiberglass insulation. These materials are notorious for making metal blades dull very quickly.

Additionally, all Slice utility knives require fewer blade changes because of their ability to withstand the elements. This means less money spent on replacement blades. Our durable handles give you the sturdy grip necessary to maintain control over your tool. Handling and safety are paramount when operating utility knives of any kind.

Additional advantages of Slice blades:

  • Rust free
  • Chemically inert
  • Free of oils and lubricants
  • Safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius
  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-sparking
  • Maintenance free
  • Non-conductive
Images lists features of the Slice 10538 Industrial Blade, one of our extra long utility-knife blades.

It’s important to know that not all ceramic blades have the same material composition, so they may not have the same properties as Slice blades. They certainly don’t have our safer edge and their thinner design makes them more prone to chipping. While all ceramics can chip, thicker Slice blades tend to only suffer micro-chips that don’t alter their effectiveness.

Slice Industrial Knives: Safe Long-Blade Utility Knives

Slice offers two industrial knife designs that feature our extra-long blade: the 10559 Manual Industrial Knife and the 10560 Auto-Retractable Industrial Knife. Both versions feature a retractable blade that safely fits into the handle when the tool isn’t in use.

The auto-retractable version requires the user to hold the slider to keep the blade exposed. If the slider is released, the blade automatically returns to its default retracted position. This ensures that there’s no possibility of someone leaving a blade exposed when the tool is not in use, and that the blade retracts if the user accidentally drops the tool.

The manual model allows the user to fix the blade in place, and features four blade stops for four cutting depths: 6, 28, 53, and 76 millimeters. When the user is done with the tool, they must return the blade to its retracted position.

Both handles are made of a lightweight but highly durable glass-filled nylon. They’re also adjustable for right-handed and left-handed users. Simply flip the blade to the orientation that’s right for the user. No additional tools are required to flip or to replace a blade.

Start With Safety

When you need a long-blade utility knife, no other tool will fit the bill. But cutting tools, by their very nature, are dangerous. Longer blades come with a unique set of risks, and the cost of safety is too high to not make it a priority.

Slice offers safety, longevity, and durability with our extra-long utility knife blades.

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