Slice’s Small Box Cutter (and Everything Else Cutter)

Perhaps because of its modest size or unassuming profile, the Slice® small box cutter—the 10514 Mini Cutter—can be easy to overlook. Our full-sized box cutters have an iconic J-hook handle and are hard to miss, and our utility knives are just bigger. But if you’re looking for the same strength matched with versatility, our version of a mini utility knife (a staff favorite) is worth considering.

The Slice 10514 Mini Cutter, safety blade extended
A side view of the 10514 Mini Cutter, safety blade extended

Safety First

As with all Slice products, safety comes first in this small retractable box cutter. It uses the same proprietary finger-friendly® edge that sets Slice tools apart from the competition. This means that its 100-percent-zirconium-oxide blade has a special grind that’s safer to touch than dangerous metal blades or typical ceramic blades. Safer to touch means safer when you have an inevitable slip: the blade won’t penetrate skin as easily as standard (read: oversharpened) blades.

This mini box cutter has an added layer of safety in its automatic retraction mechanism: the blade is only exposed while you’re actually cutting. This reduces accidents that occur when blades are left exposed and meet an unsuspecting hand, foot, or posterior.

Customer Quote

“Absolutely amazing product. Functionality is great and unexplainably safe to use.”

A Small But Mighty Mini Box Cutter

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you into thinking that this small utility knife can’t handle big cuts. In fact, it uses the same blades as our larger box cutters, and because the Mini Cutter fits in your hand, it gives you excellent control over its direction and movement. Although we make a dedicated carton cutter, the Mini Cutter also works well for boxboard. As a smaller model, it can reach where larger utility knives can’t. And just like our larger tools, the Mini Cutter cuts right through paper, cardboard, clamshell packaging, and plastic wrap—pretty much anything you’ll encounter in your kitchen that you need to cut. At work it will handle manufacturing materials like Duro-Tuff® PVC roofing membrane, 5 mm rubber mats, and commercial plastics.

Customer Quote

“A higher quality and better design than its competitors, which are mostly keychain junk; the knife edge, ergonomics, and magnet for storage make this superior.”

Close up view of the Slice 10514 Mini Cutter small box cutter
Up close and personal with the Mini Cutter

Make Friends With the Mini Cutter ...

... because you’ll be together for a long time. How do we know? The small box cutter blades used in our Mini Cutter are made from advanced ceramics and have been proven to last up to 11 times longer than comparable steel blades. That’s a lot of cutting. And when you’ve dulled one end of the blade, you can open the Mini Cutter and flip the blade over for a fresh edge. By the time you’re done with your first blade, you would have gone through up to 22 steel blades.

Some might worry that a smaller size means this little powerhouse will be easily lost in the day-to-day shuffle. That’s why Slice included a built-in magnet to keep this mini box cutter handy on the fridge, on a tool box, a forklift—anywhere you need it.

Whether we’re talking to retail or industrial customers, we hear how much they appreciate a pocket knife that’s easy to carry and easy to use. Whether they want a tool for opening difficult molded plastics at home or a pocket box cutter at work, the 10514 has them covered. Regardless of size, the greatest feature of any Slice ceramic pocket knife is the finger-friendly safety blade, helping to keep you safe from lacerations while getting the job done.

Customer Quote

“The blade does exactly as advertised! It is still cutting just as smooth as the first day! Tape doesn't stick to the blade like the traditional steel blades! The small design makes it easy to carry in your pocket!”

Illustration showing size and correct positioning of the Slice Mini Cutter
Hold the MIni Cutter correctly to get the maximum blade depth

Who Needs a Small Safety Box Cutter?

Who doesn’t? This mini retractable box cutter is equally happy in home and industrial environments. In the kitchen or garage, it opens consumer packaging from tough onion bags to bags of road salt. Its versatility makes it the perfect tool to have on hand at any gift-opening occasion.

Industrial customers also enjoy the Mini Cutter. Its non-conductive, non-sparking blade was a key reason that Digi-Key Electronics adopted the Mini Cutter to work on circuit board storage. As part of a comprehensive hand safety strategy, Oerlikon’s Troy, Michigan, plant introduced the Mini Cutter. Their EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) Coordinator, Sean Walker, told Slice, “I haven’t had any lacerations since we went to this tool.”

Industrial Customer Quote - “We have many processes that require a safe cutting tool. This product has been excellent in about 95% of our applications.”

Home User Quote - “Great little cutter to keep handy. It slices through clamshell packing as easily as opening a cardboard box. I've given them as gifts and everyone loves them.”

The Slice Mini Cutter combines versatility and durability in a way that’s hard to find in any other small box cutter.

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