Blade Replacement on Metal-Handle Utility Knives

The Slice® 10490 Manual Metal-Handle Utility Knife and 10491 Auto-Retractable Metal-Handle Utility Knife ship with a rounded-tip 10524 Utility Blade (Rounded-Tip) as a safety measure. They’re also compatible with pointed-tip and rounded-tip versions (10525 and 10523 respectively). All our blades are finger friendly®.

Blade replacement is dangerous when using a traditional blade, but our specially ground, 100 percent zirconium oxide blades are safe to the touch, mitigating the risk of a laceration injury.

Blade replacement on these knives is a matter of a few simple steps. Watch the video for detailed instructions. In seconds, your knife will be ready for action with a fresh blade edge. Note to viewers: Ooops! At the end of this video, you’ll note that SKUs 10590 and 10591 are mentioned. Please disregard. The correct SKUs for our Metal-Handle Utility Knives are 10490 (manual) and 10491(auto-retractable). Sorry for any confusion!