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Craft Blades (Curved Edge, Rounded Tip)

Slice® Craft Blades (Curved Edge, Rounded Tip) are compatible with multiple craft tools, including Slice craft knives, the Scalpel, and the Precision Knife. Designed to cut everything but you, these blades boast a finger-friendly® edge that never rusts.

The rounded tip is a safer alternative that reduces the risk of lacerations, while the curved edge adds maneuverability. These blades retain sharpness for much longer than standard metal, meaning fewer blade changes and injuries. Additionally, no sharps box is required for disposal.

From cutting vinyl to adding details in fondant and leather, Slice makes people and places safer. Learn more below.

  • 4 single-edge blades per pack
  • 100% zirconium oxide blade that never rusts
  • Blade lasts on average 11.2x longer than metal blades

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 1.29 in x W0.24 in x H0.02 in

Weight: 0.01 kg

Sell Sheet


  • Blade Replacement for Slice Craft Tool Handles
  • Cutting Copper Foil: It’s Easy With Slice Tools


Is a Ceramic Blade Safer Than Steel?

In the case of Slice ceramics, yes. Like all tools with advanced ceramics, Slice blades are much harder than steel. The safety aspect of our ceramic craft knife blades comes from Slice’s proprietary grind. This manufacturing process creates an edge that cuts materials and resists cutting skin.

Can I Use Slice Craft Knives for the Same Jobs as Steel Blades?

The same jobs and more. Our craft knife blade sizes are very similar to typical steel craft knives so you don’t lose any maneuverability. What you gain is a blade with added features that make it more versatile and safer. Our finger-friendly 100 percent zirconium oxide blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and never rust.

How Do I Switch Slice Craft Knife Replacement Blades?

Our craft knife features an easy no-tool blade change because of our handle design. To remove the craft knife blade, pull it out of the housing. Push the new blade into the housing. You’re done! The handle’s grip will hold the blade firmly in place. This process works with all Slice craft knife blades. Types of blade include the 10518 (straight edge) and 10520 (curved edge), both with a rounded tip.