Ceramic Scraper: Slice Brings Safety to Scrapers

A Slice 10593 Auto-Retractable Ceramic Scraper being used to scrape adhered tape off a wooden surface.
The Slice 10593 Auto-Retractable Ceramic Scraper easily scrapes adhered tape off smooth surfaces.

A ceramic scraper comes in handy in your home or on the job when you need to remove a stuck-on substance. If you’re like many people, you may reach for a utility knife, instead. This is a dangerous mistake. Using the wrong tool for the job often results in injury, not to mention frustration.

Why Are Traditional Scrapers Dangerous?

Most scrapers on the market today have metal blades. Some have been sharpened, while others are given blunt edges. No matter what type of adherent you are trying to remove from another surface, whether it is paint, rust, construction adhesive, or even burnt-on food residue, a certain degree of force is required to scrape.

All it takes is a bit too much force, or a loss of contact with the surface, and you’ve lost control of the scraper. This could result in personal injury or damage to the surface being scraped. Metal scrapers can also produce sparks when used on other metal surfaces, so they’re unsuitable in certain work environments.

Is a ceramic scraper tool the solution? Maybe. Unfortunately, most of the scrapers that use ceramic blades have inordinately sharp blades. One slip and a laceration or puncture wound is likely, making them just as dangerous as scrapers with metal blades. Slice® makes scrapers with finger-friendly® ceramic scraper blades that get the job done while keeping you safer.

What Is a Ceramic Scraper?

This can be any tool that uses ceramic blades in a scraper handle. As mentioned above, however, not all ceramic blades are safe, especially when used in a tool that requires force to operate.

This is where Slice utility scrapers provide an advantage. Our scrapers use 100-percent zirconium oxide scraper blades that have a proprietary double-angle grind that makes them safe to touch. Even if the scraper slips and the blade comes into contact with your skin, a laceration or puncture wound is far less likely compared to traditional blades. All of our finger-friendly blades have these characteristics:

  • Non-sparking
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-magnetic
  • Safe from -40 to 1600 degrees Celsius
  • Chemically inert
  • Never rust
  • Last 11 times longer than metal blades

Our ceramic blades are so hard that they can scratch glass, however, so it is important to test them on an inconspicuous area, to ensure you’re being cautious and not applying too much pressure on the blade.

Which Ceramic Scraper Tool Is Right for You?

Slice makes two utility scraper models: the 10591 Manual Utility Scraper and the 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper.

The 10591 Manual Utility Scraper features soft-touch comfort grips on a durable glass-filled nylon handle that allows for varied hand grips. There are two preset blade positions so you can manually retract the blade once you have finished using the tool, protecting both the blade edge (from accidental damage) and yourself (from injury). There are no tools required for a blade change.

The 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper has a unique, ergonomically advanced design which makes this scraper safer and more comfortable to use. Auto-retractable scrapers normally increase the risk of hand strain, as the user’s thumb absorbs the pressure of the adherent’s resistance against the blade edge.

Slice solved this problem with the introduction of a mechanism in the handle, called SureScrape™, that absorbs any kickback pressure against the blade during the scraping action. This effectively reduces thumb strain, which makes the 10593 ergonomically friendly and comfortable during extended use.

As soon as the user releases the slider, the scraper blade automatically retracts into the handle. SureScrape is one more example of how Slice innovates to create safer tools.

For smaller, more intricate scraping tasks, or if you’re working in a tight space, Slice offers both single-sided (10534) and double-sided (10535) chisel blades that fit into our various craft knife and scalpel handles. They feature our proprietary finger-friendly edge and last 11 times longer than traditional metal blades.

10534 single-sided chisel blade with compatible handles for smaller ceramic scraper jobs.
Slice has you covered if you need a ceramic scraper for smaller jobs.

No matter which Slice ceramic scraper best suits your task, Slice tools provide innovation and an added measure of safety.

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