Do Slice Tools Improve Customer Safety Records?

Safety records are closely guarded secrets in most companies. They are rarely made public, unless mandated by law. Even when a company publishes its safety records, it’s nearly impossible to track the record of an individual injury back to the specific tool that caused it. As such, it’s difficult to get extensive statistics to show improvements based specifically on Slice® box cutters or other tools. But we do know that our tools are inherently safer than traditional tools.

How do we know this? Our customers! They routinely provide us with feedback that demonstrates how switching to Slice tools, with finger-friendly® blades, has reduced or eliminated injuries and dramatically improved their safety programs.

Slice Customer Case Study Testimonials

In this case study, Clarcor had these results when they started using Slice’s safer utility blades:

“We have not had any lacerations from utility knives since switching… Our sister plants that have not switched just had two cuts within the last two months.”

Flowserve reported these results when they switched to Slice’s J-hook box cutter:

“We’re almost at one million hours, which is going on three-and-a-half years without a time-loss incident.”

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) reported dramatic safety record improvements after switching to our auto-retractable pen cutter:

“We have gone from weeks in-between cut incidents to months, attaining the best safety record in the nearly three-decade history of our plant with 481 accident-free days!”

As you can see, Slice customers speak to the concrete improvements in their safety records, not to mention the actual safety of their workers, after switching to our tools. You can download our customer testimonial case studies detailing the impact of switching to Slice safer tools in PDF format here.