Global Electronics Manufacturer Implements Safer Slice Tools

Hubbell’s workers need to trim plastics and excess material left over from soldering activities in their manufacturing processes, as well as cutting cardboard and tape in standard shipping and receiving activities. Brian Donovan, the group EHS manager for Hubbell’s Construction and Energy Group, started exploring Slice® tools as a safer alternative.

Donovan credits Slice’s excellent information (on the web, in videos, and in person) for helping to convince Hubbell to try Slice tools. His European counterparts “were extremely pleased with you guys coming on site,” he says, to help find the right tool for every job. Once he had samples in hand, he explains, “it was very evident right up front to me that [Slice] was a viable alternative to the metal blade utility knives or metal blades in general.”

Donovan implemented a laceration reduction program that stated employees must choose their tools from several available options, where Slice plays a substantial role.

it was very evident right up front to me that [Slice] was a viable alternative to the metal blade utility knives or metal blades in general.

He is now working on the compliance stage of the program. Donovan is clear that the money spent on Slice tools is a worthy investment, and well worth the savings in prevented lacerations. When staff bring up price, he clarifies that, “[Slice tools] should last longer than a typical metal blade knife and... if we prevent one laceration it’s going to more than cover the cost of all the knives you’re going to purchase.”

In fact, Donovan says, “lacerations have come down considerably in the last year” since implementing the laceration reduction plan. He has only heard of two laceration incidents, and in both cases the employees were using non-compliant blades. Donovan states that if the employees had been using Slice blades, “it could easily have prevented those [injuries]”. In one case, the employee was using improper technique but “certainly with a Slice ceramic blade, it wouldn’t have cut her fingers, requiring... stitches. It would have just bounced off her fingers.”

At Slice, we’re proud to be part of any initiative that sends workers home safely to their families.

  • Implemented

    A blades policy that favors Slice safety blades over dangerous exposed metal blades

  • Invested

    In safety by recognizing the price of tools is dwarfed by the cost of injuries

  • Reduced

    Lacerations since implementing Slice