Safety Scissors: For Adults and Children, Industry and Home

This video shows the four models of safety scissors made by Slice and points out their main features and properties.

Safety scissors: they aren’t just for children anymore. Staying safe is important at any age, so while it’s particularly important to provide young people with scissors that aren’t dangerous, we should look for the same level of safety for adults, too.

What Makes Safety Scissors Safe?

The primary component that differentiates safety scissors from traditional scissors is the blade edge. Traditional metal scissors, whether they’re home or industrial scissors, feature blades that are dangerously sharp and pose the risk of lacerations—which can happen at any age.

Most manufacturers address this issue by using blunt-edge metal blades or plastic blades. The problem is that these scissors often cut very poorly, mostly smashing apart materials instead of cutting cleanly. This is frustrating and it’s why adults don’t choose to use these types of scissors: they typically don’t work well, if at all.

Slice Makes Safe Scissors That Work

Slice® safety scissor blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic. The patent-pending blade edge design is finger-friendly®. That is, it’s safe enough to touch. This safety claim can’t be made by either metal or ceramic traditional scissors.

Slice scissors cleanly cut a wide variety of materials and are appropriate for many different environments: they work as general-purpose home or workplace safety scissors, as industrial safety scissors or craft scissors.

If you’re wondering: how do safety scissors work compared to traditional scissors, the answer is: the same, just safer. You use finger or hand holds to make the same scissoring motion you’re already familiar with to move the blades apart and together to cut through your chosen material.

Slice makes several models of scissors to fit different needs. They also work well regardless of the handedness you favor, so we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for right-handed or left-handed safety scissors.

What Are Child Safety Scissors Versus Safety Scissors for Adults?

There are a few elements that differentiate safety scissors for kids and those for adults:

  • tip shape
  • blade length
  • weight
  • finger-hole sizes

Scissor blade tips come in two shapes: blunt and pointed. Children’s scissors must be blunt because this greatly reduces the risk of puncture injuries. While this is the safest design no matter what your age, sometimes you’ll need to initiate your cut with a puncture. When this is the case, you’ll need pointed-tip scissors.

Children’s safety scissors should be lightweight to make them easy to handle, have a short blade for maneuverability, and feature smaller finger holes to fit small hands and fingers.

While some adult scissors may feature longer blades, length is only preferable if you’re regularly making long cuts through material that can be cut easily. The force of the cut is greatest at the blade pivot point, so to cut tougher materials, you’re better off with shorter blades. And if you need to cut anything more intricate than a straight line, the maneuverability of short blades is helpful.

Adults can handle weightier tools, but lighter weight reduces muscle strain, so is good for all users. For adults who use scissors repeatedly, reduced muscle strain helps to lessen the chances of repetitive-use injuries.

Many adults won’t be able to comfortably fit their hands and fingers into scissors made for small hands, so they’ll need to look for appropriately sized handles.

Slice Scissors to Keep You Safe

Slice makes four models of safety scissors:

All Slice safety scissors feature a relatively short blade, and have handles made of a lightweight but highly durable glass-infused nylon. The finger holes feature a rubber grip for comfort and to reduce slippage.

Slice scissors, like all Slice tools, are maintenance-free, so if you’re concerned about how to sharpen safety scissors by Slice, there’s no need. Slice’s proprietary blade edge design takes advantage of the extreme hardness of industrial ceramics, so Slice scissors cut effectively for a long time: much longer than steel. Slice blades have been third-party tested to last up to 11 times longer than metal.

Slice ceramic safety blades also feature these properties:

  • rust free
  • non-magnetic
  • non-corrosive
  • chemically inert
  • non-sparking

The Slice Small Scissors have blunt-tipped blades and two smaller finger holes. They’re the best choice for children and for adults with smaller hands. Like all our scissors, they’ll cut many common craft materials like construction paper, cotton balls, felt, and tissue paper, so they’re make a great kids’ craft scissors.

The Pointed-Tip Scissors work for adults who need to initiate their cuts with a puncture. The finger holes are slightly larger and fit most adult hands.

The Self-Opening Scissors feature shorter blades so work well as snippers. This tool is a great on-the-go choice. It features a safety cap that covers the ends and keeps the blades closed when it’s not in use. A lanyard hole provides convenient portability and helps keep the snippers close at hand.

The Large Scissors, featuring blunt-tipped blades, may be considered the best industrial scissors in the Slice lineup, but they are excellent in any situation where you need to get through tougher materials with bigger hands. The 10545’s finger holes are large: one accommodates your thumb and the other fits several fingers. This provides excellent leverage, utilizing more hand and forearm strength for greater force, making them the choice for tough industrial cutting scissors, whatever your environment.

What Will You Cut With Your Slice Safety Scissors?

People of all ages want to stay safe, which is why safety is the top priority at Slice. Whether you are young or all grown up, Slice has you covered for home, craft, workplace, and industrial scissors. We love to hear from our safety-seeking customers: How do you use your Slice safety scissors?