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EDC Pocket Knife

Are you tired of struggling with simple, everyday tasks like opening cardboard boxes? Do you long for an everyday carry (EDC) tool that does the job effortlessly and safely? The Slice® EDC Pocket Knife is a tool that tackles daily tasks while keeping you safe.

Designed to cut everything but you, this knife boasts a safe edge that never rusts. It sports a textured surface for a comfortable grip and a lanyard hole for easy carrying. When it’s time to switch out a blade, the vinyl-dipped hex key makes blade changes on the go simple and safe.

From opening small packaging to cutting tape and shrink wrap, Slice makes people and places safer. Learn more below.

  • Manual retraction
  • 100% zirconium oxide blade that never rusts
  • Blade lasts on average 11.2x longer than metal blades
  • Textured surface for a comfortable grip

Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes
  • Cutting tape, banding, and box flaps
  • Slicing shrink wrap
  • Breaking down cardboard boxes

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.47 in

Material: AL, AL alloy, POM, stainless steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 2.64 in x W0.98 in x H0.32 in

Weight: 0.045 kg

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What is an EDC Pocket Knife?

An EDC pocket knife is part of the broader category of EDC tools. EDC stands for every day carry. The EDC category also includes other tools like watches, flashlights, multi-tools, and more. By definition, EDC knives aren’t designed for a specific task (like filleting fish), but are instead generalists. The best pocket knife for EDC will always be able to cut a variety of materials—ideally, anything you encounter in your day-to-day life.

In addition, the best EDC pocket knife—or best EDC anything—is lightweight and easy to carry. If you’re going to have something on hand all the time, you don’t want it to take up much pocket real estate or to weigh you down. A good every day carry pocket knife won’t slow you down with an inconvenient, bulky design. If you’re going to carry a mini pocket knife, keychain or lanyard compatibility is essential.

What Is the Best EDC Pocket Knife for Safety?

There are many ways to define the best small pocket knife, but if your primary concern is safety, we’re confident that your search is over. The Slice® 10496 EDC Pocket Knife features our proprietary finger-friendly® blade design, which cuts effectively but is safer than standard, dangerously sharp blades.

How is This Mini Pocket Knife Safer?

The safety difference between the 10496 and standard knives lies in the blade. To start with, Slice safety blades are made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, an extremely hard advanced ceramic. This mitigates some safety risks like conductivity and rust. Other companies have also made ceramic knives—you’ll probably be familiar with ceramic kitchen knives, for example. Not all ceramics are created equal, though, and this is where the magic happens with Slice.

Our special blade grind creates an angle that may feel dull if you’re used to traditional blades, but it’s just as effective at cutting. We call this grind ‘finger friendly’ because it reduces the chances of an accidental laceration and is safe to the touch. Most manufacturers sharpen their blades far too much because metal dulls quickly. This workaround helps increase the longevity of the blade, but sacrifices user safety to do it. Because our blades are much harder than metal, they won’t dull quickly, so there’s no need to choose between blade longevity and safety. In fact, our blades last up to 11x longer than standard metal blades.

What Materials Can I Cut With The 10496?

What is the best pocket knife for cardboard? What about string, flexible plastic, and everyone’s nemesis: clamshell packaging? The Slice mini pocket knife handles all these materials easily. When used as designed (no side loads, please), the 10496 is a great—and safer—choice for your everyday cutting needs.

What Design Features Make This Knife Stand Out?

Slice has been in business for over ten years because we pay attention to design details. We combined safety blades, industrial materials, and innovative design touches to make the best small pocket knife around—and a tool you’ll want to carry.

With a textured body and raised slider detail, the 10496 offers a secure grip and comfortable feel. Made from die-cast aluminum, with an anodized high-purity die-cast aluminum slider, the 10496 is built to last. Slice’s zirconium oxide blades have been shown in independent testing to last up to 11 times longer than comparable steel blades.

Our sleek, nimble design makes it easy to carry this small pocket knife. Keychain-friendly integrated lanyard slot allows tethering, as does the loop in the associated hex key. The hex key is vinyl-dipped for extra comfort and grip, and fits snugly in the tool’s black-oxide capped screws for easy removal.

How Do I Change the Blade?

To change the blade, turn the EDC Pocket Knife over and use the included hex key to remove the three screws on the back of the tool. Once the screws are out, remove the back plate of the housing.You’ll see the blade secured in place through a hole in its center. Simply remove the blade and replace it with a new one (the 10496 is compatible with any of the 10523/10524/10525 series of utility blades). Ensure that the cutting edge of the blade is parallel with the long side of the front plate, then replace the back plate. Make sure that all components fit snuggly—the two housing plates should be flush against each other with no wobbling parts—then secure both plates by replacing the screws on your EDC pocket knife.