The Best Box Cutter: Slice Makes Many Best Options

One tool to consider as the best box cutter: the Slice® 10400 Manual Box Cutter.
One of several tools we consider the best box cutter: the Slice® 10400 Manual Box Cutter.

Slice® makes the best box cutter. In fact, we don’t just make one best box cutter, we make many best box cutters. There, we said it. Here’s why we believe it’s true.

Our Commitment to Safety Drives Innovation

Slice is in the cutting-tool business, and we’re in the safety business. Our innovative designs and use of materials speak to that, as does our workplace safety blog. Our fresh approach has led to many unique tool designs—you see several in our box cutter category—and our patent-pending, finger-friendly® blade.

The Slice Finger-Friendly Blade Is the Only True Safety Blade

We started our safety journey by focusing on what cuts you: the blade. We grappled with a basic question: How can we make the blade safer?

We decided to make our blades out of 100% zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic, which is extremely hard. And we came up with a new way to shape the blade so that it’s sharp enough to cut through common materials but considerably safe enough for you to touch. This is the primary reason to consider each Slice box cutter as the best safety box cutter available. See here how much safer our blade is than a traditional metal blade and a traditional ceramic blade:

The hardness of zirconium oxide with our proprietary design makes Slice blades durable. They last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. This provides better value, and saves you the time, hassle, and risk of frequent blade changes. Directly handling a blade is dangerous, and you should do it as infrequently as possible.

Our box cutters ship with our 10404 Rounded-Tip Box Cutter Blade or our 10408 Pointed-Tip Box Cutter Blade. The rounded-tip blades are efficient and safe enough for a sharps box to not be required for disposal. However, the pointed-tip blade does require a sharps box because of its pointed edge. Either way, the best box cutter blade for you depends on how you need to use the tool.

A Variety of the Best Box Cutters: Many Styles for Many Uses

When looking for the best box cutter knife, the right choice for you usually depends on your needs and preferences. The handles of our box cutters are made of lightweight but highly durable glass-infused nylon or metal, so they’re appropriate for use in industrial spaces, the office, or the home.

Regardless of the tools’ shapes or sizes, all Slice box knives cut through a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Cardboard
  • Palette wrap and banding
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Paper and cardstock
  • Packing materials

The Slice J-Hook Box Cutters

Praise for the J-Hook Box Cutters

  • “I use it just about every day. Amazing design. Highly recommend.” – Leslie
  • “Easy to use, and difficult to injure yourself. Awesome Product.” – Greg
  • “Great product and so much safer to use than metal box cutters.” – Wiliam Wynn
  • “Ergo design is excellent.” – Vic Saba

Slice’s original box cutters are our J-hook cutting tools, arguably our “cool box cutters.” We make two models: the 10400 Manual Box Cutter and the 10503 Auto-Retractable Box Cutter.

The shape allows for a natural, firm grip and movement: That is, it’s ergonomic. The blade end and the back end both sit flush against the material when the tool is in use, providing stability. The hook design makes this tool easy to hang off a pocket or wall hook. This cutter also features a lanyard hole for an easy storage option. Check out this short video of the 10503 tool in action, which describes how Slice designed the tool to cut through single- and double-walled corrugated boxes without damaging what’s inside:

Mini Cutters: Your Best Pocket Box Cutter

Praise for the Mini Cutters

  • “This is a great front line tool.” – Trusted Customer
  • “Love them. Safest box cutter ever.” – Debra Mills
  • “My first one of the mini cutters was given to me at a trade show. I fell in love with it! I keep one on my desk, one in my lab coat pocket, and several around the lab. They are used daily!” – Wanda Fischer
The Slice 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter.
The small but mighty Slice 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter.

The small but mighty Slice Mini Cutters, which are available in manual and auto-retraction models, fit easily in your pocket for portability. And they use the same 10404 and 10408 blades as our J-hook tools. The handle features a magnet and a lanyard hole to provide two ways to keep the tool accessible. These are really handy tools and, especially because of their strength-to-size ratio, they definitely rank as cool box cutters, too.

Pen Cutters: Nimble Multitaskers

The Slice 10513 Manual Pen Cutter and its many features.
The Slice 10513 Manual Pen Cutter and its many features.

Praise for the Pen Cutters

  • “Easy to use and blades are sharp but safe.” – Trusted Customer
  • “Performs as advertised. Quick blade change.” – Trusted Customer
  • “Small and easy to handle but gets the job done.” – Susan MacKinnon

The name says it all: These tools are shaped and handle like a pen, so they are maneuverable and feel natural to use. The narrow profile makes them suitable for use in smaller spaces, and they fit nicely in a pocket or work belt. They utilize the same 10404 and 10408 blades as the J-hook and mini cutters.

Carton Cutter: For Portability and Shallower Cuts

The Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter.
The Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter.

Praise for the Carton Cutter

  • “Excellent quality—utility unparalleled.” – Christy Beenenga
  • “Excellent product. Excellent quality. It does what you said it would do.” – David May

For the user who prefers the style of a traditional carton cutter, we’ve got that. This little number fits nicely in your pocket and features the same safety blade edge used in all Slice safety tools. It’s intended for thinner materials like cutting along the packing tape seam edge. Slide the blade into the handle for safe storage. This tool ships with the 10526 Rounded-Tip Utility Knife Blade and is compatible with the 10528 Pointed-Tip Utility Knife Blade.

Utility Knives: Beefier Build, Deeper Cutting Ability

Praise for Slice Utility Knives

  • “Great product and makes a perfect gift.” – Mark Scott
  • “Perfect for safety and quality.” – Jigar Patel
  • “Great service and a great product!!!” – Trusted Customer
  • “It would be very difficult to cut skin with this knife, yet it makes a workable cut in cardboard. I expect our minor injuries to go down dramatically.” – H. WIlson

While not strictly box cutters, our utility knives perform many of the same tasks as a box cutter. The difference with these tools is that they’re beefier, and they feature more blade exposure. This is great for cutting thicker, tougher materials.

We offer three metal-handled utility knives: the 10490 Metal-Handle Manual Utility Knife, the 10491 Metal-Handle Auto-Retractable Utility Knife, and the 10562 Folding Utility Knife (perhaps what some might call the best folding box cutter of the bunch). And we make three glass-infused, nylon-handle utility knives: the 10550 Manual Utility Knife, the 10554 Auto-Retractable Utility Knife, and the 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife. For even deeper cuts, we offer our industrial knives: 10559 Manual Industrial Knife and the 10560 Auto-Retractable Industrial Knife. These tools provide up to 3 inches of cutting depth.

More Reasons Why Any Slice Box Cutter Is the Best Box Cutter for Work or Home


Ergonomics is a top consideration in our design process. We always look for new ways to make our tools more comfortable and easier to use. This helps cut down on fatigue and reduces overuse injuries. It’s also why several of our tools look different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

Tool-Free Blade Changes

When you need to change a blade, you don’t need another tool to get the job done. You change blades less frequently because our blades last longer, and you change them easily.

All Slice Tools Work for Righties and Lefties

Whether you favor your right hand or your left, Slice tools will work for you. The tools feature the slider at the top of the handle and require no alterations to change the handedness. For tools that have a slider on the side, simply flip the blade to change the handedness.

Slice tools are safer, durable, and effective. The only question you should have now is which Slice knife is the best box cutter for you?

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