Established Water Conditioning Company Cuts Injury-Free with Slice Safety Cutters

Every week, McGowan Water Conditioning delivers a semi truck's worth of salt to its customers. The salt is a vital part of their water conditioning systems and therefore a vital part of McGowan's business. Recently the salt industry switched its commercial packaging from 80-pound bags with pull-string openings to 40-pound plastic bags. BR O'Halloran, McGowan's general manager, knew he would need a safe way to open these bags. Enter the Slice® Safety Cutter.

The little cutter is safe and extremely effective.

O'Halloran admits that at first, the small cutter seemed too delicate for the job but soon decided that, "the little cutter is safe and extremely effective." As it turns out, its small size is a benefit. Workers at McGowan wear a clip with a retractable string on their belt, attached to the Safety Cutter. This wouldn't be possible or safe with large utility knives or exposed steel blades. And O'Halloran doesn't worry about workplace injuries with the Safety Cutter. Since November 2015 (and as of June 2016), they've had no injuries and none of the Safety Cutters have broken. As O'Halloran says, "there weren't really challenges" with implementation because the tool works so well. In fact, he was so pleased, he sent us a video of how easily the Safety Cutter does the job.

  • Eliminated

    injuries with Slice Safety Cutters

  • Implemented

    an efficient solution for opening new 40-pound plastic bags

  • Reduced

    need to replace blades. As of June 2016, some cutters in use since November 2015 and still going strong