How to Cut Cheesecloth and Cooking Twine With Slice®

This video shows how to cut cheesecloth and cooking twine with Slice® safety scissors. The demonstration features the 10544 Small Scissors cutting cheesecloth and the 10545 Large Scissors cutting twine. Slice also makes the 10546 Pointed-Tip Scissors.

Do you want to know how to cut cheesecloth and cooking twine safely? Wouldn’t it be great if the tools you use in your kitchen didn’t rust or transfer any metallic taste to your food? Cutting these materials is straightforward. Cut cheesecloth like you would any fabric, and cooking twine as you would any thicker string. Finding a safer, chemically inert tool to get these jobs done is more of a challenge. At least it used to be.

How to Cut Cheesecloth and Cooking Twine Safely With Slice Rust-Free, Non-Metallic Scissors

It’s important that you don’t introduce unwanted flavors to food, and of course, your safety is a key concern whenever you’re using any cutting tools. Slice makes safer scissors with chemically inert ceramic blades. These scissors never rust or corrode and won’t leave a metallic taste like some traditional kitchen scissors. And, unlike other ceramic scissors, they’re designed to be safer.

Slice’s® patent-pending blade design is finger-friendly®. It’s been third-party tested to last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. The scissor handles are made of a lightweight, durable, glass-infused nylon, and the finger holes are lined with a rubberized comfort grip. The blades are short for ease of use and maneuverability, and they’re BPA, phthalate, and lead free.

Slice Safety Scissors

Slice makes three models of ceramic-blade scissors: the 10544 Ceramic Scissors (Small), the 10545 Scissors (Large), and the 10546 Scissors (Pointed Tip).

The Slice 10544 scissors feature round finger holes and blunt tips for added safety. This model is great for children and adults with smaller hands. In addition to cutting cheesecloth and cooking twine, they can serve as effective safety scissors for kids’ crafts and are great for general-purpose use. Need to cut construction paper, tissue paper, cotton balls, coupons, hard plastic packaging, cardstock, or felt? Slice ceramic scissors cut all these materials and more.

The larger 10545 scissors also feature blunt tips and work well for all adult hands. Their finger holes accommodate a four-finger, one-thumb grip for good leverage.

The 10546 scissors are designed for tasks that require a pointed tip to puncture material to initiate the cut. The oval finger holes are larger than those on the small scissors and fit most adult hands. All three pairs of scissors work for right- and left-handed use.

Now that you know how to cut cheesecloth and cooking twine safely with rust-free, non-metallic tools, how else will you use your Slice scissors in the kitchen and around the house?