Craft Tools for Cutting: See What They Can Do

Image of craft tools used in sewing, such as scissors and snippers, displayed with thread and other sewing items.
No matter your hobby or creative passion, craft tools, especially those used for cutting, make it fun and easy.

Most lists of must-have craft tools, while helpful, list items for a very wide variety of crafts:

  • spinning wheels
  • sewing machines
  • paint
  • jewelry pliers
  • tissue paper
  • craft glue

However, most crafters don’t participate in all crafts (OK, so Martha Stewart does, but I think we can agree, she’s an anomaly), so many items won’t apply to each person.

There is a genre, however, that pretty much all crafters must have on their craft tools list: cutting tools. Most every type of craft involves some form of cutting, so requires some type of craft tool for that purpose.

Here we delve into Slice’s cutting arts and crafts tools and discuss what types of crafts they are particularly well suited for. From well-loved standards like scissors and craft knives to new discoveries and must-haves, here’s how you can beef up your craft tools supply.

Wait Up: Why Slice?

Slice has created some designs that are like no other, such as the Precision Cutter, the Precision Knife, and the Safety Cutter (more on those in a minute). Customers rave about how easy our craft cutters are to use and that they fill a need better than most—if not all—other tools they’ve previously used. This is likely because there’s nothing else like them on the market.

Slice tools are also safer than other cutters on the market, which almost exclusively feature metal blades. Slice blades are ceramic, made of extremely hard 100 percent zirconium oxide.

The advanced and proprietary shape of the blade is finger-friendly®—that is, resistant to cutting skin (unlike any other ceramic blade). This means that not only are these products great for crafters in general, they’re also appropriate for seniors, children, and others who may not be as steady or adept at using cutting tools.

Additionally, Slice blades last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. Metal blades dull quickly, which also makes them more dangerous and less precise as they age. Safer and great value: those are just some “that’s why Slice crafting tools” answers.

The Pen-Like Precision Cutter

An increasingly popular Slice cutting tool is the highly maneuverable Precision Cutter. This stylish wonder is held just like a pen, so it’s easy to use, even for younger people, for whom learning to use scissors can be a challenge. Its very small blade increases its maneuverability—read: it is fantastic with detail work—as well as safety. Think of it as a cutting instrument that moves like a drawing instrument.

Because of its small blade and precise nature, the Precision Cutter is excellent for any craft that calls for thinner materials like paper. Scratchboard artists sing its praises, and it is rapidly becoming one of their favorite scratchboard tools. Airbrush artists are using this tool for cutting frisket film. RC model makers will enjoy how well it glides through shrink wrap. Check it out:

As of 2019, Slice introduced a newer version of the Precision Cutter. This features the same micro-ceramic blade as the original green cutter, but now the blades are replaceable. If you’re interested in cutting performance, both tools cut the same way, so any review that applies to the 00116 Precision Cutter will also apply to the 10416 Precision Cutter (New).

Essential Crafting Tools: Scissors

As with all of the Slice products, the Ceramic Scissors utilize a ceramic, finger-friendly blade. This makes them a great substitution for the commonly underperforming safety scissors found in most grammar school classrooms.

This easy-grip tool can cut just about anything required for arts and crafts projects done with young ones. Construction paper, cotton balls, felt? No problem. Learn more about kids using scissors in “Children’s Scissors: Finding a Safe and Effective Pair.

For adult crafters, the Slice Ceramic Scissors are excellent for cutting paper, vinyl, even copper wire. They are particularly useful for long, straight cuts. So not only are they great for everyday use, they also come in handy for scrapbooking or any other paper-based crafts, as well as cutting the rigid vinyl plastic sheets and appliqué paper used in quilting. Our 10546 pointed scissors are especially helpful if you’re initiating a cut in the middle of your material.

A Must Go-To: The Craft Knife

Part of the Precision Knives lineup, the Craft Knife features a longer blade than the Precision Cutter but is still very maneuverable and easy to control, and the handle features a no-slip grip. The Craft Cutter’s fixed blade is also replaceable.

If you need to know how to cut felt, the Craft Knife, as well as many other Slice craft cutters, can handle this material with ease.

In fact, this is a primo all-around choice for cutting a wide variety of materials: paper, RC model shrink wrap, quilting appliqué paper and vinyl, scratchboard, foam core, leather, vinyl and polycarbonate sheets, even crêpe paper. Watch it cleanly cut that last delicate material:

With its far-ranging usefulness, the Craft Knife is the go-to for most any crafter, from model makers to scrapbookers, home décor DIYers to leathercrafters. Read about how much master leathersmith Joshua Watts enjoys his Slice tools in “Choosing Leather Cutting Tools that Make the Cut.

New in Craft Tools: The Precision Knife

This is another innovative Slice design, and the name says it all. The Precision Knife’s “ring” handle offers excellent control as well as comfort.

This tool features the same replaceable blade as the Craft Knife so is appropriate for many of the same uses. However, it truly shines in situations calling for really intricate work. It also works well for sculpting materials like clay, or for carving pumpkins.

The Small but Mighty Safety Cutter

This one-of-a-kind little powerhouse works great on paper as well as other thin materials like vinyl and polycarbonate sheets, frisket film, and the aforementioned quilting materials. The Safety Cutter lives up to its name: the blade is micro and the grippy surface means it doesn’t slip. Additionally, its design is ergonomic, so it fits naturally in the hand.

This tool is excellent for cuts that are less intricate. There’s even a little hole at the top of the cutter, and some people have been known to carry one on their keychain for on-the-go cuts, with nary a nick or injury. In addition to your crafts, use the Safety Cutter for items like coupons, envelopes, and packing tape.

What’s Your Craft?

There is a huge variety of crafting tools on the market. A walk through any craft store will confirm that. But one thing every crafter needs is something that cuts. And Slice has a tool for that. Do you work with an uncommon material or one not mentioned here and want to know what tool will work for you? Contact Slice and we’ll test out our cutting craft tools to find the best one (or ones) for the job.

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