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Auto-Retractable Metal-Handle Squeeze Knife

The Slice® Auto-Retractable Metal-Handle Squeeze Knife is safe and durable - a great combination to improve your workforce’s efficiency. The knife’s blade is the safest you’ll find in the workplace. Its unique finger-friendly® blade is safe to the touch and therefore causes fewer and less severe injuries than all other traditional blades. For additional protection, the tool only exposes the blade if the handle is squeezed and a blade lock prevents accidental blade exposure. The industrial-strength knife has a durable metal handle that’s comfortable to grip for controlled cuts and is suitable for left- and right-handed workers. Its tool-free blade-change mechanism and integrated lanyard hole provide extra convenience for your workforce.

  • Finger-friendly® blade is the only safety blade on the market
  • Easy-squeeze handle to expose blade
  • Blade lock to prevent accidental blade exposure
  • Durable metal handle built for industrial use and comfort
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed workers
  • Integrated lanyard hole for easy access
  • Simple and quick no-tool blade change
  • Non-conductive blade for added safety
  • Chemically inert blade that never rusts
  • Slice® blades are 11.2x more wear-resistant than traditional blades

Great for:

  • Dobozok nyitására, vágására és szétszedésére
  • Cipzárak, ragasztószalagok és pántolószalagok vágására
  • Műanyag csomagolás és ömlesztett áruhoz való zsákok felvágására

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0,79 hüvelyk

Material: Alloy aluminium, GFN, POM, stainless steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 6,7 hüvelyk x W2,2 hüvelyk x H1,1 hüvelyk

Weight: 0.165 kg

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