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Összecsukható barkácskés

A Slice® 10562 Összecsukható barkácskés az összecsukható zsebkés markolatát ötvözi finger-friendly® (ujjbarát) pengéink innovációjával. Tartsa kéznél a kését zsebbe csúsztatva vagy a mellékelt övcsipeszt felhasználva. Ha készen áll a vágásra, nyomja meg a gyorskioldó gombot, és hajtsa ki a biztonságos, hatékony barkácskést. Az ujjgyűrű biztonságos fogási lehetőséget kínál. Az összes Slice eszközhöz hasonlóan a 10562 modell is jobb- és balkezes használatra lett tervezve. A beszerelt, lekerekített hegyű biztonsági penge hatékonyan vág, és akár 11-szer hosszabban tart az acélpengéknél. Az összes Slice biztonsági penge szikramentes, nem vezető és soha nem rozsdásodik.

  • Beszerelt penge típusa: lekerekített hegy
  • Strapabíró fém markolat kényelmes ujjgyűrűvel
  • Rögzített penge összecsukható markolatba ágyazva
  • Kétkezes dizájn
  • A finger-friendly® (ujjbarát) penge hatékonyan vág
  • Minimalizálja a sérüléseket, csökkenti a költségeket
  • Szikramentes, nem vezető, nem mágneses penge
  • Kémiailag közömbös penge, mely soha nem rozsdásodik
  • Olaj- és kenőanyagmentes penge
  • 100%-ban cirkónium-oxid penge
  • A penge éle akár 11,2-szer hosszabban tart a fémnél
  • Kevesebb pengecsere = kevesebb sérülés
  • Kényelmes övcsipesz tartozik hozzá
  • Kompatibilis pengék: 10526, 10528
  • Szerszámmentes pengecsere
  • SKU #10562

Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes
  • Cutting tape, shrink wrap, and plastic
  • Wire stripping
  • Breaking down boxes

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0,83 hüvelyk

Material: Carbon steel, aluminium, PA, stainless steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 7,5 hüvelyk x W1,3 hüvelyk x H0,83 hüvelyk

Weight: 0.198 kg

Sell Sheet


  • Folding Utility Knife
  • Blade Replacement for the Folding Utility Knife
  • How to Cut Ceiling Tile: Safety First
  • How to Cut Drywall Safely With Slice
  • Cut Roof Membrane Safely With Slice


What’s the Difference Between GFN and Metal Handles?

Slice’s folding utility knife is the first safety knife we’ve released that features a metal handle. Until now, our handles have been made from GFN (glass-filled nylon), an extremely durable kind of plastic. Going forward, Slice® will continue to make handles out of GFN and add more metal handles because the difference really comes down to user preference.

Both materials are sturdy and can easily handle industrial use, but many users simply prefer metal because that’s what they’re accustomed to. In the end, hand tools are like clothing, in that everyone has different preferences. As a matter of safety, it’s important to offer a variety of choices to OHS managers who are trying to gain compliance from their staff.

During the design process, we asked ourselves how we could make the best quality folding utility knife. Our goal is always to reduce injuries and lower costs. Offering safer choices to all users, regardless of their handle preferences, is part of fulfilling that promise.

How Should I Grip the Slice Foldable Utility Knife?

Slice’s folding pocket utility knife gives users a few different options for grip. While using the featured finger loop—intended for the index finger—is a convenient way to hold the knife, it’s certainly not the only way. A user’s grip will depend partly on preference, and partly on the task at hand. It will also depend on whether the user is wearing safety gloves, and how they fit. We encourage people to try gripping the tool with and without using the finger loop to see which works best. Either way, the indent behind the finger loop is a helpful spot to anchor the hand and get a firmer grip while cutting.

How Long Does a Folding Pocket Utility Knife’s Blade Last?

A foldable utility knife has a longevity advantage over a knife with no sheath or blade guard. Because the pocket knife’s blade folds right into the handle when not in use, it’s protected from friction against other objects. This friction speeds up the blade’s natural dulling process.

In addition to this, of course, Slice’s safety blades last much longer than traditional steel blades. Our unique blade design is made from 100 percent zirconium oxide and is thicker than standard blades. As a result, our blades have been shown to last up to 11 times longer than steel blades in independent, third-party testing.

How Do I Replace the Blade in the 10562?

The folding pocket knife requires no extra tools to change its blade. This procedure is done quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to your work.

First, ensure that your foldable utility knife is fully extended and locked in the open position. Then, find the oblong button at the tip of the handle, very close to where the blade extends from the handle. Press this button and pull the blade out of its casing at the same time. At this point, you can flip the blade around for a fresh edge or replace the entire blade. To insert the blade, simply hold down the same oblong button and slide the blade back into the casing. Make sure the cutting edge is facing down and the blade’s notch is closest to the edge with the blade button. The blade should slide in easily. When the blade is fully inserted, release the blade button and continue to use the knife as before.

What Is the Best Folding Utility Knife for Safety?

In a sense, the best folding utility knife is the one you have on hand at the time. But as the only folding pocket utility knife on the market with a safety blade, we believe that the 10562 is also the safest. Slice’s patent-pending finger-friendly® blades cut your materials effectively while keeping you safe at the same time. And, of course, with the Slice Folding Utility Knife‘s perfect pocket size and convenient belt clip, it will always be nearby.