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Kézi ipari kés

A Slice® 10559 Kézi ipari kés 76 milliméteres vágási mélységével olyan vastag anyagokat is képes vágni, mint a hab, a rendkívül vastag hullámpapír, a szabóvatta és a szigetelés. Ez a strapabíró, 5 pozícióba állítható markolat négyféle vágási mélységet kínál a gyártósoron vagy a műhely körüli munkák elvégzéséhez. A pengeállások a következő vágási mélységeket kínálják: 6 mm, 28 mm, 53 mm és 76 mm. Az eszköz a Slice finger-friendly® (ujjbarát) pengéjével lett felszerelve, amely hatékonyan vág, de érintése sokkal biztonságosabb a sztenderd fém- vagy kerámiapengéknél. Szerszámmentes pengecsere rendszerünknek köszönhetően megfordítható a penge iránya balkezes felhasználók számára. A Slice biztonsági pengék kémiailag közömbösek, szikramentesek, olajmentesek és soha nem rozsdásodnak. Akár 11-szer hosszabb ideig tartanak a hasonló acélpengéknél.

  • Beszerelt penge típusa: lekerekített hegy
  • Strapabíró nylon markolat
  • Kézi visszahúzás 4 vágási pozícióval
  • Kétkezes dizájn: balkezesek számára megfordítható a penge iránya
  • A finger-friendly® (ujjbarát) penge hatékonyan vág
  • Minimalizálja a sérüléseket, csökkenti a költségeket
  • Szikramentes, nem vezető, nem mágneses penge
  • Kémiailag közömbös penge, mely soha nem rozsdásodik
  • Olaj- és kenőanyagmentes penge
  • 100%-ban cirkónium-oxid penge
  • A penge éle akár 11,2-szer hosszabban tart a fémnél
  • Kevesebb pengecsere = kevesebb sérülés
  • A penge 1600°C-ig biztonságos
  • Kompatibilis pengék: 10538, 10539, 10540
  • Szerszámmentes pengecsere
  • SKU #10559

Great for:

  • Cutting thick materials like foam, batting, and fiberglass insulation

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 3,1 hüvelyk

Material: GFN, POM, stainless steel, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 6,1 hüvelyk x W1,4 hüvelyk x H0,85 hüvelyk

Weight: 0.101 kg

Sell Sheet


  • Manual Industrial Knife
  • Blade Replacement for Slice Industrial Knives
  • Cutting Fiberglass Insulation With Safe, Durable Tools
  • How to Cut Ceiling Tile: Safety First
  • How to Cut Ceramic Fiber Blanket With Slice
  • How to Cut Foam: Slice® Safety Blades vs. Traditional Blades


What Are Industrial Knives?

An industrial knife is any knife designed for use in an industrial setting. More specifically, some cutting applications are much more common in manufacturing or industrial workplaces. While it’s certainly possible to use these tools around the home, it happens less frequently. Of course, the tool you use depends on what you need it to do, and many home workshops or craft rooms contain specialized tools.

Are These the Only Knives You Make for Industrial Use?

In a sense, all our knives are industrial knives because they were designed for—and often in conjunction with—industrial customers, to meet their needs. The term ‘industrial’ also implies a certain level of durability, since industrial settings require constant tool use over long periods of time. We use sturdy materials such as reinforced (glass-filled) nylon for our handles. One of our customers even submitted a video of him running over our box cutter with a forklift, and not leaving a scratch.

The Slice® box cutters were originally designed to cut 98 percent of the corrugated on the market (double-walled corrugated). When manufacturers asked for a longer blade to deal with triple-walled corrugated and other, thicker, materials, we introduced our line of utility knives. Some manufacturers, especially those dealing with thick industrial foam components or insulation, needed an even longer blade, which is why we introduced our 10559 and 10560 knives.

What Makes the Slice Industrial Cutting Blades Different?

Typical industrial knives and blades feature dangerously over-sharpened metal blades. Because metal is a soft material, it dulls quickly. Blade manufacturers sharpen metal excessively in order to compensate for its quick dulling and extend the lifespan of the product. Unfortunately, most ceramic blade manufacturers also use this level of sharpness, simply because it’s what people have come to expect.

Slice reexamined advanced ceramics and the definition of effective sharpness and created a proprietary grind that results in a finger-friendly® blade. All our blades stand out from their competitors—metal and ceramic—because of our safety grind, which cuts materials effectively but is safer to touch.

What Materials Can I Cut With Slice Industrial Knives?

Slice industrial cutting blades were designed specifically to cut industrial foam used in manufacturing, but can handle any material that requires a longer blade. General safety principles suggest using the shortest possible blade for the job, so if you never really need more than an inch of exposed blade, we recommend that you look at our utility knives or box cutters. But if an extra-long blade is sometimes required, the 10559 and 10560 are your best bet. Keep in mind that if you prefer one tool, the 10559 Manual Industrial Knife has four preset exposed-blade positions, so you aren’t required to fully extend the blade for every cut.

Which Slice Blade Should I Choose?

The 10559 and 10560 come with installed rounded-tip industrial cutting blades because safety managers prefer the extra protection against punctures. Most materials don’t need a pointed tip, so it makes sense to try the installed 10538 blade first. If you find, however, that you need a pointed tip to initiate the cut in your material, the 10539 blade will be the best choice. We’re also releasing the 10540 serrated industrial blade for any applications that require sawing with your Slice industrial knife.