Cleaning Slice Blades: It’s Easy Because It’s Safe

This video emphasizes how easy it is to clean Slice® blades because they are safer than traditional ceramic or metal blades. All Slice blades feature our patent-pending, finger-friendly® design: they’re safe to the touch. Cleaning them poses a low risk of injury.

Slice blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, a high-quality industrial ceramic. This material never rusts, so Slice ceramic blades never need to be coated with any oil or lubricant.

To clean a Slice safety blade, use alcohol or your choice of general cleaning product. All Slice blades are autoclave friendly.

Metal blades and traditional ceramic blades are dangerously sharp. Whenever you handle or clean them, you risk cutting yourself. You should handle a dangerously sharp blade as infrequently as possible, but you should also never cut with a dirty or gunked up blade. For blades that are particularly dirty, or for metal blades that are rusty, the best option may be to replace them.

To help prevent rusting, metal blades are often coated in an oil or other lubricant. Some environments require blades to be oil or contaminant free, so these blades must be cleaned even before they’re used. This is very dangerous, and time consuming.