Cut Copper Wire Easily With Slice’s Safer Tools

This video shows how easily Slice® scissors cut through 25-gauge copper wire. Slice offers different models of scissors: Small Scissors, Large Scissors, and Pointed-Tip Scissors. Each will cut copper wire and take care of your regular scissoring needs. The model you choose will depend on your hand size and your cutting needs.

Many people need to cut copper wire because copper is one of the most popular metals used for electrical wires; it’s highly conductive, easy to work with, widely available, durable, and relatively affordable. While silver is a bit better in several of these regards, it’s more costly. Gold is another excellent conductor but the issue of cost there becomes extraordinary.

You’ll find copper wiring in homes, buildings, cars, and boats. It’s used in appliances, machinery, and electronic circuitry. Copper is ubiquitous when it comes to situations that call for an electrical current.

Copper wire is also used in crafts and jewelry making because of its beautiful reddish brown color. It’s malleable, and therefore easy to work with.

Wondering How to Cut Copper Wire?

While copper wire isn’t as expensive as other types of metal wire like silver or gold, it can still get pricey. You’ll want to be sure you know how to cut copper wire cleanly, so that you don’t waste any.

Your first instinct may be to look for copper wire cutters, and you’ll find that any wire cutting tool will do the job. But then again, you’ll have one tool that’s dedicated to only one job. What if there were a more versatile tool that could easily cut your copper wire and meet many of your other cutting needs as well?

Slice Scissors Double as Copper Wire Cutters

Slice makes several models of safety scissors, each of which can cut copper wire with ease, without any damage to our tough, durable safety blades. All Slice ceramic blades feature our patent-pending grind, which is finger-friendly®. Our safety blades have been tested to last up to 11 times longer than their metal counterparts, due to their thickness and grind.

All of our blades also feature these beneficial properties, many of which are important to users working with electrical wires:

  • Non-conductive
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-magnetic
  • Never rust

Ceramic Scissors to Fit Your Needs

Slice offers Small Scissors, Large Scissors, and Pointed-Tip Scissors. They all feature our ceramic safety blades coupled with a durable glass-infused nylon handle. The finger holes are lined for a non-slip hold.

The 10544 Small Scissors are great for children and adults with smaller hands. The finger holes accommodate your thumb and forefinger. They’re excellent for everyday cutting needs, and for cutting copper wires.

The 10545 Large Scissors work well for any adult hands but especially larger hands. These scissors’ thumb hole is slightly larger than the one you’ll find on our smaller scissors, and the elongated finger hole allows space for all four fingers. This fuller grip provides extra leverage and power, so that you can get through tougher materials easier.

Our 10546 pointed-tip model is great for when you need to puncture a hole in your material before starting your cut, like in the middle of a piece of fabric. Of course, you won’t need this for cutting copper wire, but if your other tasks require this kind of cut initiation, this is the pair of scissors for you.

The finger holes are each the same size—about that of the thumb hole on the large scissors. They will accommodate most adult thumb-and-forefinger grips.

In addition to cutting copper wire, all Slice scissors work well on a variety of materials—from construction paper to felt, cotton balls to crêpe paper, random loose threads to garment tags.

Safe and Versatile

Slice scissors are safer and long-lasting. They’ll meet all of your regular scissoring needs and cut copper wire, too.