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EDC Klappmesser

Das Slice® 10495 EDC Klappmesser ist eine stilvolle, modernisierte Version des beliebten Klappmessers und verbindet Handwerkskunst mit innovativem Design. Das Ergebnis: ein robustes, alltagstaugliches Werkzeug, das angenehm in der Hand liegt und aufgrund seiner Effektivität und Sicherheit bald Ihr neues Lieblingsmesser sein wird.

Die vorinstallierte 10404 Klinge aus Zirkonoxid verfügt über den zum Patent angemeldeten Sicherheitsschliff von Slice. Durch diese firmeneigene Technologie entsteht eine finger-friendly® Klinge, die bei Berührung sicher ist. Die rostfreie Klinge sitzt in einem schlanken Edelstahlgriff und hält bis zu 11 Mal länger als vergleichbare Metallklingen. Wenn es dann doch Zeit für eine neue Klinge ist, macht der werkzeuglose Mechanismus den Klingentausch zu einer schnellen und einfachen Angelegenheit. Dieses minimalistische Werkzeug ist mit einem federunterstützten Öffnungsmechanismus sowie einem Liner-Lock-Arretierungssystem ausgestattet. Nutzen Sie das integrierte Loch, um Ihr EDC Klappmesser an Ihrem Schlüsselband zu befestigen und immer zur Hand zu haben. Wird mit abgerundeter Sicherheitsklinge geliefert; optionale spitze Klinge verfügbar.

  • Vorinstallierte Klinge: abgerundet #10404
  • Robuster Metallgriff mit Liner-Lock
  • Federunterstützter Öffnungsmechanismus
  • Für Rechts- und Linkshänder geeignet
  • Mit Loch für Befestigung am Schlüsselband
  • Effektive Klinge mit finger-friendly® Sicherheitsfeature
  • Minimiertes Verletzungsrisiko, geringere Kosten
  • Funkenfreie, nicht leitende, unmagnetische Klinge
  • Chemisch neutrale Klinge rostet nicht
  • Öl- und schmiermittelfreie Klinge
  • Klinge aus 100% Zirkonoxid
  • Klingenschneide hält bis zu 11,2x länger als Metall
  • Weniger Klingenwechsel = weniger Verletzungen
  • Passende Klingen: 10404, 10408
  • Werkzeugloser Klingentausch
  • Art.-Nr. 10495

Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes
  • Cutting shrink wrap
  • Cutting tape and box flaps
  • Camping


Cutting Depth: 0,39 in

Material: Steel, aluminium, NGF, TPFE, nylon, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 3,94 in x W1,02 in x H0,47 in

Weight: 0.075 kg

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  • The 10495 EDC Folding Knife: Blade Replacement

FAQ - Häufige Fragen

What Is an EDC Folding Knife?

An EDC folding knife belongs to a category of gear known as Every Day Carry, or EDC, items. These essential items include watches, knives, phones, flashlights, multi-tools and more. EDC enthusiasts swap reviews and information about which gear to invest in, including which is the best EDC folding knife for your money.

An EDC knife, as a cutter, is a generalist rather than a specialist. In other words, it needs to be able to cut the wide variety of materials you encounter in everyday life: cardboard, clamshell packaging, tape, etc. Specialty cutting jobs are best left to specialty knives. Because an EDC knife is a long-term investment, it should be dependable, durable, and comfortable to use.

How Is the Slice Folding Pocket Knife Different?

The Slice® small folding pocket knife has several advantages. The first, of course, is safety. An EDC carrier needs a tool that can tackle many different materials, but skin isn’t one of them. Slice developed a proprietary manufacturing process for its advanced ceramic blades that gives them a finger-friendly® edge.

Traditional blades, whether made from metal or ceramic, have dangerous edges that are extremely sharp—far sharper than what’s needed to cut most materials. Oversharpening is a workaround intended to compensate for metal’s relatively quick dulling. While this extends the wear of a metal blade, it sacrifices user safety. Other ceramic blades mimic this traditional extremely sharp edge and are just as dangerous. While Slice blades can’t eliminate all risk of lacerations (if they could, they wouldn’t cut anything), they are the safest option on the market today. The 10495 ships with a rounded-tip blade to further protect against puncture wounds.

If you’re going to carry a tool every day, it needs to be comfortable to carry. That means not too heavy, not unwieldy. This pocketable, nimble tool comes equipped with a lanyard hole for a leather cord, making it quick to find when you’re reaching into your pocket for a knife. Its lightweight, compact design allows you to attach it to a key ring so it’s always with you. Small is an asset when it comes to EDC, and the 10495 is one of the smallest folding pocket knives available.

But don’t think this tool is lightweight when it comes to performance. This little guy has big power. Built small but tough, like a bulldog, the 10495 is made from high-grade, heat-treated steel. And the blade? Slice blades last up to 11.2 times longer than metal blades, in part because the 100-percent-pure zirconium oxide we use is extremely hard: 8.2 on the Mohs scale compared with steel at 5 to 6.5. Our blades are also thicker than standard ceramic blades.

How Will a Slice Blade Compare to a Metal Blade?

People unfamiliar with Slice blades hear the word ‘ceramic’ and worry about shattering and wear resistance. This is explained in detail in our FAQ: Do Slice Ceramic Safety Blades Break Easily? but, in short, our blade material is tougher than steel and our blades are thicker and sturdier than other ceramic blades. We also use 100 percent zirconium oxide instead of the poor-grade blend found in some ceramic blades.

As far as wear resistance goes, our blades actually outlast metal blades by far. Independent third-party tests indicate that a Slice 10404 blade (the one used in the 10495 folding pocket knife) lasts, on average, 11.2 times longer than a comparable metal blade. In other words, Slice gives you many more days with your Every Day Carry before you’ll need a replacement blade.

And, of course, our blades are unique because of the patent-pending safety grind we employ. The resulting blade is finger friendly. While our blades can cut skin, they significantly reduce the risk of an accidental laceration.

What Materials Can I Cut With This Folding Pocket Knife?

As you would expect, you’ll be able to slice through most everyday materials with the 10495. This includes cardboard, tough plastic clamshell packaging, twine, tape, paper, and most packaging. Some materials, like flexible plastic, require a puncture to initiate the cut. For this kind of cutting, we recommend using the optional 10408 blade with a pointed tip.

What About Materials and Design Features?

The best small EDC folding knife is the one you want to carry and use. Made from high-grade, heat-treated steel with a heavy-duty black oxide coating, the 10495 is a sleek, modern interpretation of the classic folding knife. But it wouldn’t be a Slice tool if we stopped at making it look good.

We went back to basics with a design that favors rugged simplicity instead of gadgetry. The minimalist frame features a stable locking liner. With a sturdy pivot and a powerful, smooth, spring-assist deployment, the 10495 is ready to cut when you are. Attach it to your key ring or run a leather cord through its lined lanyard hole to keep it on hand. With a balanced, heavy-duty feel, the 10495 combines a compact form factor with a powerful deployment.

How Do You Change the Blade in the Slice Folding Pocket Knife?

Blade change in the 10495 is easy and requires no extra tools. Simply deploy the handle into its open and locked position, then press the oblong button on the logo side of the tool. This unlocks the blade so you can pull it out. Keep the button depressed to insert a new blade. Once the blade is inserted, release the button and check that the blade is locked securely in position. You’re ready to go.

The 10495 ships with our 10404 Box Cutter Blades (Rounded Tip) and is compatible with the optional 10408 Box Cutter Blades (Pointed Tip).

What Is the Best EDC Folding Knife for Safety?

If you’re looking for the safest option on the market, congratulations. You’ve found it. The 10495 is the best EDC folding knife for EDC enthusiasts who also care about personal safety. Maybe you’ve had too many close calls or you want to introduce a newbie to EDC. With its finger-friendly blade, the 10495 is the best EDC folding knife for convenience and, more importantly, safety.