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Edge Utility Cutter

Are you struggling to cut heavy-duty materials because of dull blades? Frustrated because your cutters are uncomfortable to wield? Luckily, the Slice® Edge Utility Cutter is here for all your industrial cutting needs. Designed to cut everything but you, this tool boasts a finger-friendly® edge that never rusts.

With contoured, soft-touch grips and a sturdy metal handle, the Edge Utility Cutter fits in your hand perfectly and is easy to use. When you want to change blades, simply utilize the tool’s clamp-tightening screw to switch them out – no tools required. Additionally, you can store multiple blades in the handle’s Blade Garage, ensuring your workflow is never interrupted.

From cutting heavy-duty zip ties to chopping through wire and rubber, Slice makes people and places safer. Learn more below.

  • Durable steel handle with soft-touch comfort grips
  • Blade guard and tool lock provide safe storage
  • 100% zirconium oxide blade that never rusts
  • Blade lasts on average 11.2x longer than metal blades
  • Easy-to-use ambidextrous design

Great for:

  • Cutting wire and rubber tubing
  • Cutting heavy-duty zip ties 
  • Cutting thin extruded plastics


Cutting Depth: 0,28 in

Material: TPR, GFN, POM, carbon steel, stainless steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 9,65 in x W2,5 in x H1,08 in

Weight: 0.417 kg

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How Are Slice Edge Utility Cutters Safer?

While many cutters rely on reducing their blade’s exposure to improve safety, the Slice® Edge Utility Cutter has some key features to limit injuries. It uses Slice finger-friendly® blades, which are safe to touch, non-conductive, and less dangerous than traditional blades. They also last up to 11x longer than metal blades, so you reduce the number of blade changes – and potential associated accidents.

Furthermore, there is very little chance of injuring yourself while storing this tool. This is because it has a simple locking mechanism and sturdy blade guard to ensure safe storage, which minimizes the risk of accidentally cutting yourself when it’s not in use.

What Is a Slice Edge Utility Cutter Used For?

As the name suggests, this tool is used for a wide variety of cutting tasks. It’s a must-have addition to your tool kit if you need to cut through plastic, rubber tubing, vinyl, PVC, cardboard, and many other materials.

Is the Edge Utility Cutter Durable?

Weighing 417 g, the heavy-duty Edge Utility Cutter is built for industrial-strength cutting. Its solid construction and robust steel handle immediately give the user an idea of how powerful this tool is. You can be confident this cutter will get the job done quickly and effectively.

When you also consider the longevity of Slice blades, you can appreciate just how durable the cutter is. As well as lasting 11x longer than metal blades, the Slice blades used in this tool are chemically inert, so they never rust.

Is the Edge Utility Cutter Easy to Use?

When you hold this tool in your hand, the first thing you’ll notice is the soft-touch comfort grips. The Edge Utility Cutter has been designed for convenience as well as power and contains a number of features to make life easier for the user.

This versatile tool is compatible with five different blade types - our utility blades (10523, 10524, 10525) and utility knife blades (10526, 10528) - giving you the flexibility to adapt the cutter to suit the job. It’s easy to change the blade quickly with the Edge Utility Cutter’s clamp-tightening screw, so no additional tools are required to replace blades.

It doesn’t matter if you are right- or left-handed as the tool has an ambidextrous design. Additionally, it has an integrated lanyard hole, allowing you to secure the cutter and have easy access to it at all times.

Finally, the cutter contains a blade garage™ in the handle. This benefit enables you to store spare blades within the tool, so you don’t have to waste time remembering where you put them!

Combining all these features, the Slice Edge Utility Cutter is easy to use and your go-to tool when you need to cut efficiently and effectively.