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What Is a Micro-Ceramic-Blade Knife?

A micro-ceramic-blade knife is a cutting tool with a fixed miniature blade. The blade is embedded into the tool itself, or into a replaceable cartridge that holds the blade. As a safety measure, miniature blades lessen exposure of their edge. Slice® tools that feature micro-ceramic blades include the Precision Cutter, the Safety Cutter Ring, and the Safety Cutter.

What Are Micro-Ceramic-Blade Knives Used For?

The smaller cutting surfaces on micro-ceramic-blade knives work well with thin materials such as paper, plastic film, vinyl, and even clamshell packaging. Micro blades have uses in the home (such as couponing), in the craft world (for card making and scrapbooking), and in industrial settings (stripping film, for example).

Because the advanced ceramic material that Slice uses is extremely hard, the main functional limitation for this type of blade is the thickness of the material you’re cutting. For any material thicker than 1.5 millimeters, we suggest using our craft knives or mini cutters.

How Is a Micro-Ceramic Blade Safer?

A micro-ceramic blade is safer in part because of its size. Its smaller edge reduces blade exposure, minimizing the chance of accidental cuts and punctures.

When it comes to Slice micro-ceramic-blade knives, they also have our patent-pending finger-friendly® edge design. The grind we use to create the cutting edge slices material smoothly but is safe to touch. Slice is the only manufacturer to make a truly safer blade. While other companies make ceramic blades, the difference is in the design. Traditional ceramic blade design mimics the thin and overly sharp design popularized by metal blade manufacturers. Slice blades are effectively sharp without posing the extreme risk of lacerations you find with traditional blades.

Can a Slice Micro-Ceramic Blade Cut You?

Slice micro-ceramic-blade knives are much safer than traditional equivalents but if you’re really determined, you can probably find a way to cut yourself. They are knives, after all! We suggest using common-sense caution as you would with any other cutting tool.

Is a Micro-Ceramic-Blade Tool Sturdy?

Slice micro-ceramic blades are fixed in place—securely embedded in the tool or the blade cartridge. Because only a small portion of the blade is exposed, there’s little chance of accidentally snapping it off.

A Slice blade is also durable in terms of blade longevity. We use extremely hard 100 percent zirconium oxide (many times harder than steel) for our ceramic blades. Because the material is so hard, it maintains its edge, on average, up to 11 times longer than an equivalent metal blade.