How To Cut Painter’s Tape Using Slice Tools

Many tools will cut painter’s tape, but not all of them will do it safely. This video demonstrates how a wide variety of Slice® tools, with their finger-friendly® safety blades, can handle this sticky task with ease. From simple cuts to precision cuts in tight places, Slice tools enable you to work quickly and safely with painter’s tape.

Do you know how to cut painter’s tape quickly and safely? Have you ever tried cutting this sticky tape with a traditional knife, only to wind up cutting your finger? Or maybe you’ve hurt yourself so many times that you’ve resorted to using your bare hands to pull and rip the painter’s tape, winding up in a tangle of tape that seems to stick everywhere except where you want it to.

This doesn’t have to happen! Slice® makes an assortment of knives and precision cutters that help you work with painter’s tape safely and quickly. As demonstrated in the video, our cutting tools—with their finger-friendly® blades that are safe to touch—easily cut through sticky painter’s tape, giving you a clean edge to keep paint from bleeding into areas where you don’t want paint.

How To Cut Painter’s Tape Safely

Try the Slice 10512 Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter for most jobs requiring you to work with painter’s tape. We recommend the 10408 Box Cutter Blades (Pointed Tip) for easily making straight-line cuts, as well as lifting the end of the painter’s tape from the roll or when removing it from a surface.

These same blades work in our 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter. This handy little tool is an excellent choice for cutting painter’s tape and it has a built-in magnet that keeps it close at hand on your tool box. These two cutters offer the additional safety feature of auto-retraction, so the blade is immediately retracted into the handle when the slider is released.

The less time any blade is exposed, the less likely it is to accidentally puncture or lacerate you. When you couple our auto-retraction feature with our finger-friendly blades, you have a much safer tool to work with, allowing you to work more quickly, without undue fear of injury.

If you prefer a fixed-position blade, our 10548 Craft Knife will give you the control you need. Not only is the Craft Knife a good choice for cutting painter’s tape, but it also accepts a wide range of Craft Blades that make it a useful tool for many craft projects.

For situations where you’re working in a tight area, our 10568 Ceramic Scalpel (Replaceable Blade) would be a good choice, and it’s compatible with the same craft blades as the Craft Knife.

Need to make curved or extremely precise cuts? One of our precision cutters will give you the desired results. We offer our standard 00116 Precision Cutter (as shown in the video) or the newer 10416 Precision Cutter with a replaceable blade cartridge.

Both of these precision cutters have finger-friendly, micro-ceramic blades that allow safety cutting in precise detail. If you want a cutting tool that truly becomes an extension of your hand, try our 10580 Precision Knife with its unique grip that gives you precise control when you need to make intricate cuts.

Now that you’ve seen the variety of cutting tools that Slice offers, the next time you’re wondering how to cut painter’s tape, know that whichever of our tools you prefer, any of them will get the job done more safely than using a traditional knife.