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Manual Pen Cutter

Are you sick of worrying about injuring yourself or others when trying to do simple tasks like open a cardboard box? Designed to cut everything but you, the Slice® Manual Pen Cutter makes everyday and industrial cutting tasks safe and easy.

With the familiar, sleek shape of a pen, this versatile tool can solve almost any cutting challenge while keeping you safe. Keep it handy by using its integrated lanyard hole, the pen cutter clip (sold separately), or a pen cup on your desk.

From its daily use in offices, factory floors, or home garages, Slice makes people and places safer. Learn more below.

  • Manual retraction with two cutting positions allows you to expose the blade without having to hold it in the open position
  • 100% zirconium oxide blade that never rusts
  • Blade lasts on average 11.2x longer than metal blades
  • Easy-to-use ambidextrous design

Great for:

  • Cutting construction cardboard like cereal boxes
  • Kids opening packages
  • Getting into small corners and spaces
  • Slicing shrink wrap, packaging, and film

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.47 in

Material: ABS, GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5.26 in x W0.68 in x H0.68 in

Weight: 0.038 kg

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What is a Pen Cutter Used For?

A pen cutter is used for many of the same tasks as a box cutter or a utility knife. In fact, many people use the terms box cutter, pen cutter, and utility knife interchangeably. All can handle a wide variety of materials. Pen cutters tend to have a smaller and more maneuverable handle, similar to that of a pen.

Why Choose a Slice Pen Cutter?

Slice® pen cutters feature durable glass-filled nylon construction and the same finger-friendly® blades as our safety box cutter. We offer effective cutting tools with the added bonus of safety, provided by our proprietary blade manufacturing process. Unlike other companies, who only consider handle design in their safety features, our safety starts with the blade itself.

How Do I Use a Pen Cutter Safely?

Consider the same principles that you’d apply to how to use a box cutter safely. Make sure you cut at an angle away from your body, only expose as much blade as is necessary to make the cut, and always retract the blade fully when you’re finished working.