Box Cutter Replacement Blades: Think Safety First

Hand holding one of Slice’s 10404 box cutter replacement blades.
Slice box cutter replacement blades are safer to handle than traditional blades.

Safer box cutter replacement blades help mitigate the risk associated with one of the most dangerous tasks you do, at home or at work: opening and breaking down boxes. Quick cuts (made with sufficient force to penetrate and rip through tough corrugated materials) are very dangerous when you use a traditional blade in your box cutting tool. All it takes is one slip, and a severe puncture or laceration is likely.

Aside from the box cutting itself, handling the blades during replacement presents a danger, too. Why expose yourself to unnecessary risks by using overly sharp traditional metal blades? Are ceramic blades safer? It depends on the blade’s edge. Most ceramic blades are just as sharp as metal blades, and just as dangerous.

Only Slice® makes true safety box cutter blades. By using advanced ceramics and applying a proprietary double-angle grind, Slice produces finger-friendly® blades that are safe to the touch.

Slice box cutter blades make short work of breaking down a box, all while keeping you safer from the likelihood of sustaining a laceration if your hand accidentally slips. Take a look at how quickly and efficiently a Slice box cutter breaks down a box:

What Do We Mean by Box Cutter?

A box cutter is a compact, hand-held tool that is used to open and break down boxes. The best box cutters include safety features to protect the user, such as: ergonomic handles, limited-depth blade exposure, and the ability to retract the blade when not in use.

Slice makes an entire line of box cutters that have these safety features and that are capable of quickly and efficiently opening and breaking down boxes.

All of the listed box cutting tools use the best Slice replacement blades for box cutter safety. They ship with rounded-tip blades, as an added measure of safety.

We offer pointed-tip replacement blades for all of these tools, as well.

Slice’s Safer Replacement Blades for Box Cutter Tools

What makes Slice safety blades safer? It starts with our materials. We use 100 percent zirconium oxide. This exceptionally hard engineered ceramic gives our blades the following characteristics:

  • Non-conductive
  • Chemically inert
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-magnetic
  • Never rusts

The Slice safety difference comes from how we create the cutting edges on our advanced ceramic blades. We use a proprietary, double-angle grind, reducing the length of the Initial Cutting Zone, which makes the edge sharp enough to perform the intended task, while making it less likely to lacerate human skin. It is the hardness of the zirconium oxide that makes the double-angle grind possible, and it is the double-angle grind that makes our blades true safety blades.

Keep in mind that any blade can penetrate human skin, if applied with enough force. Slice replacement blades reduce the likelihood of a puncture or laceration from incidental contact because their finger-friendly blade edges are safe to the touch.

In addition to this safety edge, Slice blades last 11 times longer than traditional metal blades, so they don’t need to be replaced as often. Our box cutter blades are double-sided, so when one end dulls, simply flip the blade to use the other end. It’s like having a brand new blade, and makes our box cutting tools very cost effective.

When you do have to replace one of our safety blades, there are no special tools required. Due to our safe-to-the-touch blade edges, a puncture or laceration is far less likely during blade replacement.

With Slice’s diverse selection of handle configurations, you can find a box cutting tool that will meet your needs while keeping you safer. Slice handles protect you from accidental punctures or lacerations by offering limited blade exposure and providing various retraction capabilities. Our innovative J-hook handle reduces the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries with its ergonomic design. No matter which of our handles is best for your application, you can rest assured that our box cutter replacement blades will minimize the risk of injury.

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