How to Cut Appliqué Templates for Quilting

In this video, see how easily the Slice® 10548 Craft Knife, Slice 10544 scissors, and small-but-mighty mouse-shaped Safety Cutter cut appliqué template paper. The Slice 10544 scissors work well to cut through the rigid vinyl used for patterns and templates.

Slice makes a wide range of cutting tools for crafting. In addition to the 10544 scissors, Slice offers the larger 10545 scissors and the pointed-tip 10546 scissors. Slice makes two craft knives, the 10548 craft knife the 10589 Craft Knife with integrated safety cap, and three micro-ceramic-blade tools: the Safety Cutter, Precision Cutter, and Safety Cutter Ring.

All Slice blades feature a patent-pending finger-friendly® blade edge: it’s safe to the touch.