Kevlar Scissors: Slice® Provides Durability and Safety

This video shows how easily Slice® 10544 small scissors cut through Kevlar-reinforced fabric. This material is notoriously tough to get through, and traditionally requires a pair of Kevlar scissors or self-modified general-use scissors, which then need regular resharpening.

Slice ceramic-blade safety scissors cut Kevlar and still work for general purpose use. They’re durable, maintenance free, and feature Slice’s patent-pending finger-friendly® blade: they’re safe to the touch.

Kevlar is so notoriously difficult to cut that Kevlar scissors, also called Kevlar shears, are specifically designed to tackle this tough material.

For people cutting Kevlar infrequently—like RC hobbyists—one option is to modify a sturdy pair of general-use scissors and use them only for Kevlar-cutting pursuits.

Modifying scissors to cut Kevlar, however, requires a special technique and extra tools—a belt or disk sander, or a disk grinder—and practice. Even with the equipment and know-how, maintaining these homemade Kevlar scissors is time consuming.

With either of these options, you have yet one more tool dedicated to only one task. Why all the fuss? Kevlar is tough, and it dulls metal-bladed scissors quickly. But there is an alternative.

Slice ceramic-blade scissors get you out of all these hassles. They cut Kevlar fabric easily, are durable, double as general-use scissors, and are maintenance-free. For example, they require no disassembly, lubrication, or sharpening. And they’re safer.

What more could you want from a pair of ideal Kevlar scissors?

Slice: Patent-Pending Safety Design and all the Benefits of Advanced Ceramics

Slice safety blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic. But ceramic blades are not all the same. Slice safety blades feature our patent-pending finger-friendly® grind: it’s safe to the touch. This proprietary design also takes advantage of the hardness of ceramic. Slice blades last up to 11 times longer than steel.

Slice’s safety scissor blades feature these properties:

  • Never rust
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-magnetic
  • Chemically inert

How to Cut Kevlar Fabric

Cutting Kevlar fabric is similar to cutting any fabric. The key is to make sure that the scissors you use as Kevlar-cutting tools are in excellent working order. Otherwise, they won’t make clean cuts, or they may not cut this tough material at all. Dull scissors will smash, mush, or bend Kevlar fabric. Your Kevlar shears should cut the material as smoothly and cleanly as cutting paper.

Once you’ve established that your Kevlar-cutting scissors are in good working order, measure your fabric and make your cuts.

Three Slice Scissors to Fit Your Needs

Slice makes three models of ceramic-blade scissors, and all work as Kevlar-cutting tools: the 10544 small scissors, the 10545 large scissors, and the 10546 pointed-tip scissors.

All Slice safety scissors share several features. To start, they’re ambidextrous, so lefties, we’ve got you covered. The handles are made of durable but lightweight glass-filled nylon. The finger holes feature a soft inner lining for comfort and a good grip. This helps prevent slippage. The blades are short for ease of use and maneuverability. And all are BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free.

The Slice 10544 scissors feature two smaller, round finger holes and a blunt tip, for added safety. They work well for adults with smaller hands and children.

When you’re not using them to cut Kevlar, they can serve as general-use scissors. Need to cut tape, film, foil, shrink wrap, Tyvek®? Slice scissors will do the job.

The large scissors, which also feature a blunted tip, work well for all adult hands. The finger holes accommodate a four-finger, one-thumb grip. This provides additional leverage, which is useful when cutting tougher materials like corrugated cardboard.

The Slice pointed-tips scissors are designed for tasks that require a puncturing motion to start the cut, as opposed to starting at an edge. The finger holes are slightly larger than those on the 10544 scissors, and fit most adult hands.

Your search for an effective, safe, durable, and maintenance-free pair of all-purpose and Kevlar scissors ends here.