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What Is a Folding Knife?

Folding knives vary in size, configuration, length, and recommended applications, but they all have one thing in common: the blade folds into the handle when the knife isn’t in use. This prevents accidental lacerations and also makes the knife more portable, since the fold effectively shrinks the length of the tool by up to half. For this reason, folding knives are very popular as general-purpose tools, and have found an enthusiastic following in the EDC—or Every Day Carry—community, as well as with camping enthusiasts.

Aside from the blade material—most manufacturers use varying grades of steel, while Slice® uses 100 percent zirconium oxide—the biggest difference between most styles is the locking mechanism. Locking mechanisms affect the sturdiness of the tool, as well as its safety and convenience. There are over eight styles of locking mechanism, with the most common being: liner lock, lockback, slip joint, and frame lock.

What Tasks Can a Folding Knife Handle?

Since most folding varieties are chosen for portability, they tend to be used to cut multiple materials: whatever the user encounters over the course of the day. Many of these knives include much more than a blade and are, in fact, multi-tools. There are, however, some folding cutters that are specialists. These include kitchen knives and hunting knives. But, again, if you’re interested in a folding kitchen knife, chances are you’re taking it camping and would like to be able to cut a wide variety of foods and packaging.

Which Folding Knife Is the Best for Safety?

Maybe you’re introducing pocket knives to a novice, or maybe you’re just tired of hand and finger cuts while you work, but if safety is your main concern, the best folding knife for you will always be a Slice knife. Slice looks at safety holistically, and takes into account durability and ergonomics, as well as reducing lacerations.

Whenever possible, we incorporate ergonomic features, such as Ergo-Pull™l (in our 10558 Utility Knife) and SureScrape™ (in our auto-retractable scrapers). In the case of the 10562 Folding Utility Knife, we added a finger loop at the pivot point of the tool. This allows for a stronger, more stable grip, and therefore better control.

While some of our innovations are unique, we’re not the only company looking at ergonomics. We are, however, the only manufacturer to create a safer blade. All our blades are finger friendly® and safe to the touch. This significantly lowers the chance of lacerations.

What is a Finger-Friendly Blade?

It’s a given that any Slice folding knife will feature a finger-friendly blade, but what does this really mean? What’s behind the claim that these blades are safe to the touch? The answer lies in the proprietary grinding process we developed to create a different kind of blade edge.

In order to understand our blades, it’s important to know that metal is a relatively soft material that dulls quickly. For this reason, the manufacturers of metal blades sharpen their edges to a dangerous level. This isn’t because overly-sharp edges are needed for cutting; it’s a workaround to lengthen the lasting power of blades that dull quickly. In the process, user safety is sacrificed. Traditional ceramic blades mimic this unnecessary dangerous edge.

Slice uses 100 percent zirconium oxide, an extremely hard material that won’t dull quickly, so it doesn’t need to be sharpened to unsafe levels. We designed an edge that works to disperse, rather than cut, skin. While it’s still possible to cut yourself with a Slice blade (if it wasn’t, the blade wouldn’t cut your materials either), it’s safe to the touch and lowers the risk of injury.

Which Design Details Set Slice Apart?

In a world of throw-away gadgets, details make all the difference. That’s why our folding tools have a strong, durable handle that’s nicely weighted for a balanced feel. Made from quality materials such as high-grade, heat-treated steel, our folding tools are crafted to last.

The 10495 EDC Folding Knife features a heavy-duty black oxide coating and a powerful, spring-assist deployment with a locking liner. It’s eminently portable with a compact form factor and convenient lanyard hole for tactical tethering. For a powerful grip that puts you in control, the 10562 Folding Utility Knife features a finger loop at the pivot point. We did away with the traditional folding-knife holder, which often puts clumsy snaps or buckles between you and your tool. The included belt clip keeps your tool close at hand and ready when you need it. Easy, no-tool blade change mechanisms round out the features that make Slice folding knives a cut above the rest.