Mini Cutter Blade Replacement

Slice’s® Mini Cutters perform many cutting tasks as efficiently, effectively, and safely as our larger tools. Eventually, even our extremely durable, finger-friendly® safety blades will need replacement. Learn how easy—and safe—blade replacement is when you use Slice Mini Cutters.

Slice® Mini Cutter blade replacement is easy, as shown in this video. In most applications, our Mini Cutters perform as well as our larger tools in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. With their convenient size and easy blade replacement, they’re an ideal addition to your tool box.

Why Choose a Slice Mini Cutter?

Available as both the 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter and the 10515 Manual Mini Cutter, these mighty little tools fit in the palm of your hand while giving you all the cutting power you need for most cutting tasks. Although our Manual Mini Cutter may be best suited to some cutting tasks, we always recommend the added safety measure of automatic retraction.

Our Mini Cutters both have the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Finger-friendly® blades
  • Built-in magnet keeps the tool close at hand
  • Textured slider for a secure grip
  • Allows left- and right-handed use
  • Easy, no-tool blade change

How To: Mini Cutter Blade Replacement

Although Slice safety blades last up to 11.2 times longer than stainless steel blades, replacement is inevitable. Blade replacement is one situation where many injuries occur with traditional blades, but Slice designs user-friendly blades that are safe to touch during blade replacement.

First, always make sure that the blade on your Mini Cutter is fully retracted into the housing before attempting blade replacement. This will be the default state with the 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter. If you’re working with the 10515 Manual Mini Cutter, remember to slide the blade fully into its housing.

Flip your Mini Cutter over and look for the lock/unlock icons on the end of the tool opposite where the blade protrudes. Slide the color-coded locking mechanism to the unlocked position. Separate the two halves by gently pulling them apart with your fingers.

You’ll now see the blade resting in the slider cavity. Note that the blade has two usable cutting ends. Flip the blade around so that the previously unused end is now in position to be exposed when the slider is engaged. This gives you twice as much use from a single blade, making Slice tools an economical choice.

Now take the top and slide it back onto the housing. You’ll hear it snap into place when it’s properly seated. Lastly, slide the locking mechanism from the unlocked to the locked position. Now your Mini Cutter is ready for action!

We ship all of our knives and cutters with a rounded-tip blade, as an added safety measure, but pointed-tip blades are always available. Check out our box cutter blades, which are compatible with the Mini Cutters, as well as several other tools.

Ambidextrous Use: Mini Cutter Blade Reorientation

An extremely useful feature of our Mini Cutters is that they’re easily converted for use by either right- or left-handed people. Our tools are set up for right-handed use when we ship them. Conversion is a simple matter of blade reorientation.

Follow the steps outlined above for accessing the blade. When you’ve opened the housing, you’ll notice that there’s another cavity on the other side of the slider mechanism. Just take the blade from its current resting place and flip it over into the other cavity on the slider. It will now be correctly positioned for left-handed use. Close the tool as described above.

If you want to learn more about our versatile Mini Cutters, including how they’re ideally suited to many cutting tasks in your home or on the job, take a look at this article that goes into detail about this handy, useful small box cutter. Now that you’ve seen the ease of Mini Cutter blade replacement, you’ll want to add one to your tool box.