Blade Replacement on the 10594 Manual Mini Scraper

Slice® is dedicated to making safer, longer-lasting, user-friendly tools. Replacing the blades on traditional cutting and scraping tools puts you at risk of a laceration.

This video demonstrates how easy and safe Slice makes blade replacement on our versatile 10594 Manual Mini Scraper using your choice of our finger-friendly®utility blades. We ship the 10594 Manual Mini Scrapers with 10524 Ceramic Utility Blades (Rounded-Tip) as the rounded tip provides an added safety measure against punctures. Our 10525 Ceramic Utility Blades (Pointed-Tip) and 10523 Utility Blades (Serrated Edge) are also compatible with our Mini Scrapers.

Watch the video to see how performing a few simple steps puts your scraper back in action.