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What Are Ceramic Scissors?

Ceramic scissors are any scissors that use a ceramic material for their blades. Various styles of ceramic-blade scissors are available. All ceramics are lightweight but not all ceramics are made with the same material composition. The best ceramic scissors use 100 percent advanced ceramics, also called engineered ceramics, or zirconium oxide, to ensure longevity and performance.

Are Ceramic Scissors Safer?

Slice® ceramic scissors differ from other scissors made of ceramic in a few important ways. Our scissors feature the Slice patent-pending edge design, which is effectively sharp and prioritizes safety: you can safely touch the blade edge. The added safety of Slice's finger-friendly® scissors benefits everyone, but our scissors are a particular favorite for people who work with children or individuals with fine motor skill challenges.

Slice Ceramic Scissors and Scissoring Tools

Slice makes four ceramic-blade scissors: the 10544 Ceramic Scissors (Small), the 10545 Ceramic Scissors (Large), the 10546 Ceramic Scissors (Pointed-Tip), and the 10595 Self-Opening Scissors.

All these scissors feature a relatively short blade for maneuverability, and have handles made of a lightweight but highly durable glass-filled nylon. The finger holes feature a rubber grip for comfort and to reduce slippage.

The 10544 small scissors feature blunt-tipped blades and two smaller finger holes. They’re the best choice for children or for adults with smaller hands. The 10546 pointed-tip scissors work when you need to initiate a cut with a puncture, typically from the middle rather than the edge of the material. The finger holes are slightly larger and fit most adult hands. Slice’s large scissors feature larger finger holes: one accommodates your thumb and the other fits several fingers.

The Self-Opening Scissors feature shorter blades and work well as thread snippers. This tool is a great on-the-go choice. It includes a safety cap that keeps the blades closed when it’s not in use. A lanyard hole provides convenient portability and helps keep these snippers close at hand.

The properties of advanced ceramics are well-suited for home and industrial use. Slice's ceramic scissor blades are non-sparking, non-conductive, chemically inert, and they never rust.

Slice offers one additional tool in our safety scissors category: the 10598 Rotary Scissors. Slice Rotary Scissors are a bladeless tool designed to create long cuts in thin, stiff materials such as gift wrap, newsprint, parchment paper, or gift-basket cellophane wrap. The cut is achieved through opposing rotating steel discs, which hold, feed, and shear the material they’re cutting.

What Can Ceramic Scissors Cut?

Zirconium oxide is extremely hard. As such, Slice ceramic safety scissors can handle a wide range of materials, from paper, cardstock, felt, and plastics, to stiff corrugated, fishing line, thin-gauge copper wire, and clamshell packaging. Use them like you would any other general-use household, craft, or industrial scissors. Because their blades are so hard, these scissors last up to 11 times longer than steel.

Are Slice Ceramic Scissors Sturdy?

Slice ceramic scissor blades are made with 100 percent zirconium oxide specifically so that they are long-lasting: they last up to 11 times longer than steel. Our glass-filled nylon handles, lightweight and highly durable, are suited to heavy industrial use. Slice’s commitment to quality materials and construction results in high-quality tools that are a safety investment, rather than a throwaway.

Are Slice Scissors Good for Left-Handed People?

Slice designs all its tools for right- and left-handed use, and our scissors are no exception. Whether you're interested in our ceramic safety scissors or our Rotary Scissors, it won't matter whether you're a lefty or a righty. Tools that work for left- and right-handed individuals are particularly useful in any environment where a number of different people (employees, students, or residents, for example) will be sharing tools.

Does Slice Make Metal Scissors?

In 2008, Slice collaborated with award-winning industrial designer Karim Rashid to create our Stainless-Steel Scissors, which feature a distinctive lie-flat profile. Through the design process, we discovered that many scissors are made with plastic components and oil coatings on their blades. Our 100 percent metal scissors are ideal for any industrial use where tools must be cleaned with aggressive solvents that can break down non-metal components.

The best scissors for you depend on your needs. Look to Slice's metal scissor option for applications that require all metal components. If safety is your main priority, choose among Slice’s four ceramic scissors or our innovative Rotary Scissors.