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SKU #10511

Pen Cutter Clip

Trying to find an easier way to keep your Slice Pen Cutter with you at all times? Do you feel using the lanyard hole isn’t your style? The Slice® Pen Cutter Clip may be the addition you need!

With its removable design, you can change any round Slice Pen Cutter from a lanyard-hole attachment style to a cutter that clips to your pocket or notebook. Simply remove the clip to transform your pen cutter back to its original design.

  • Compatible with: 10512, 10513
  • Lightweight and compact
  • SKU #10511

Great for:

  • Clipping to a notebook or pen cup
  • Securing to your shirt pocket
  • Easy storage
  • Easy access

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: Nylon

Dimensions: L 1.86 in x W0.82 in x H0.51 in

Weight: 0.003 kg