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Hosszúnyelű kaparó

A Slice® 10599 Hosszúnyelű kaparó robusztus alumínium markolatával mindenhová elér. Ez a kivételesen megtervezett kaparó kiegyensúlyozott súlyozásának köszönhetően anélkül szilárd és kényelmes, hogy túl nehéz lenne. A ferde penge elősegíti a természetes csukló- és kartartást az ergonómia javítása érdekében. 


Az 10599-es modell Slice ipari pengékkel használható. Ezek a 12 centiméter / 4 hüvelyk széles pengék növelik a kaparás területét, így a nagyobb munkák hatékonyabban végezhetők el. Az összes Slice penge rozsdamentes, 100%-os cirkónium-oxidból készül, és akár 11-szer hosszabban tart a hasonló fémpengékhez képest. Finger-friendly® ujjbarát köszörülésünkkel lettek ellátva, ami azt jelenti, hogy az élük sokkal biztonságosabb a hagyományos, veszélyesen éles pengék élénél.


A kaparót lekerekített heggyel rendelkező pengével szállítjuk. A 10599-es modell 10539 ipari pengékkel (hegyes véggel) és 10523 ipari pengékkel (fűrészfoggal) is kompatibilis. A Slice legnagyobb kaparója hatékonyan távolítja el a festéket, az epoxikat és a ragasztókat sima felületekről.

  • Beszerelt penge típusa: lekerekített hegy #10538
  • Strapabíró fém fogantyú kényelmes markolattal
  • Kétkezes dizájn
  • Beépített zsinórlyuk
  • Finger-friendly® (ujjbarát) él, mely hatékonyan kapar
  • Minimalizálja a sérüléseket; csökkenti a költségeket
  • Kémiailag közömbös pengék, amelyek soha nem rozsdásodnak
  • Olaj- és kenőanyagmentes penge
  • 100%-ban cirkónium-oxid penge
  • A penge éle akár 11,2-szer hosszabban tart a fémnél
  • Kevesebb pengecsere = kevesebb sérülés
  • Kompatibilis pengék: 10538, 10539, 10540
  • Szerszámmentes pengecsere
  • SKU #10599

Great for:

  • Removing adhesives
  • Scraping away paint, glue, and wallpaper
  • Getting rid of floor stickers

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0,28 hüvelyk

Material: Al / Zn alloy, GFN, PP, TPE, stainless steel, iron, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5,5 hüvelyk x W2,7 hüvelyk x H0,6 hüvelyk

Weight: 0.4 kg

Sell Sheet


Why Do People Choose Long-Handed Scrapers?

A long-handled scraper provides extra reach for the user, which is helpful on large surfaces, especially in areas that require awkward angles. It’s much safer to use an extended-reach tool than to overstretch your body, especially if you’re on a ladder where you risk losing your balance. These scrapers also tend to have wider blades, making them ideal for large surface areas. A wider blade significantly cuts down on scraping, saving time and energy.

How is the Slice Heavy-Duty Scraper Better Than Existing Scrapers?

In a word: safety. While all Slice tools are well built using high-quality materials, what most differentiates a Slice tool from any similar tool on the market is safety. We take 100-percent zirconium oxide and apply our proprietary grind to create a finger-friendly® blade—that is, a blade that’s safer to touch. Our blades can cut skin, but are much less likely to cause serious damage in the event of a laceration. We’ve also included a blade cover for when the tool is not in use. This prevents accidental injuries, should you be rummaging in a toolbox and come in contact with the blade.

Slice considers ergonomics. A tool acts as an extension of the hand, or the arm in the case of a long handle. Scraper design is important to reduce extra fatigue and our angled blade encourages a natural arm and wrist position, which reduces the likelihood of a repetitive strain injury.

Slice tools also represent a cost savings in comparison with other brands. Long-handled scrapers come in a variety of quality levels. A long-handled plastic scraper—especially if made with standard inexpensive and weak plastic—is perhaps less expensive in the beginning, but will likely cost more in the long run because it will need to be replaced sooner. Our aluminum handle is extremely sturdy and Slice blades have proven, in third-party independent testing, to last up to 11.2 times longer than comparable metal blades. This is due in part to the extreme hardness of our advanced ceramic material (8.2 on the Mohs Scale), and in part to our unique blade design.

How Can a Thicker Blade Scrape Effectively?

Customers have noticed that Slice blades are thicker than traditional blades. While this is true for the majority of the blade, the edge is still ground to an effective sharpness and able to cut a variety of materials when used in an industrial knife handle. The edge of our blade is still narrow enough to slip underneath paint or adhesives. The edge then lifts the material being scraped, and does so without buckling or shifting—in part because of its thicker blade, and in part because of the tremendous strength of our advanced ceramic blades. Compared with Slice utility scrapers and mini scrapers, the  long scraper has a wider blade with more surface area for scraping, making it comfortable for large-surface jobs.

What Blade Options Are Available?

Our long scraper is compatible with three different blades. It ships with the 10538 Industrial Blade (Rounded Tip) installed, as this is the style that’s most requested by safety managers. It’s also compatible with the 10539 Industrial Blade (Pointed Tip), and the 10540 Industrial Blade (Serrated). All three of these blades are also compatible with our industrial knives, which are designed for soft, thick materials, like foam and fiberglass insulation batts.

How Do I Change the Blade?

Like most of our tools, the 10599 offers easy, no-tool blade change. First, make sure you’ve removed the blade cover. Then locate the blade tightener just above the Slice logo on the handle. Turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the blade. Flip the tool over to find the word, “Press”, which indicates where you must press with your thumb to release the blade. There will be very little give in this button, but you’ll notice that if you pull the blade straight out of the scraper while pressing, it comes out easily. If you’re struggling with this, make sure you’ve loosened the blade-tightening screw sufficiently. The blade will come out easily and a new blade will slip in. Once this is done, release the “Press” area and tighten the screw once more.

Will a Ceramic Blade Break?

When we say ‘heavy-duty scraper’, we’re not just referring to the handle. Slice blades are made from advanced ceramics, which are harder than steel by several factors. In addition, our thicker blade design and the sturdy hold of our long-handled scraper ensures an extremely strong, durable tool.