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What Style of Craft Blades Does Slice Make?

Slice® knows that precision applications require different craft blades for different purposes. That’s why we offer several different shapes and styles. Our precision cutters with replaceable blades all ship with the 10518: a straight-edge blade with a rounded tip to protect against puncture wounds. The 10519 model has the same straight edge, but with a pointed tip for applications that require such a tip to initiate the cut. For a curved edge and rounded tip, we make the 10520.

We also offer chisel blades, including the 10534 blade, which widens from the housing to an 8.2-millimeter (0.32 inch) scraping edge. Our seam ripper blades are designed with a concave shape, ideal for hooking and cutting thread. Again, we have two options: the 10536 rounded-tip blade and the 10537 pointed-tip blade.

Thus far, the listed blades are one sided, meaning the cutting edge is on one end of the blade only. We also make corner-stripping blades, 10532, with a double edge that comes to a point, similar to a miniature sword. And the 10535 narrow chisel blades are double-sided, so when one edge wears out, you can flip the blade over for a fresh edge.

Regardless of shape, all our blades combine exceptional strength with a safer finger-friendly® edge.

What Is a Finger-Friendly Edge? Can I Cut Myself on It?

“Finger friendly” is the term we use for the grind we developed to make all our blades safer. Our craft knife blades are no exception. This grind uses two angles, which together shorten the initial cutting zone of the blade, and widen the main angle of the blade. The result is a durable blade that cuts materials effectively but is much safer to touch than traditionally made blades. While it’s possible to cut skin with our blades, they’re much safer than any other blade on the market. This includes other ceramic blades, which are sharpened just as much as metal blades, and are just as thin, narrow, and ready to pierce skin.

What Makes Slice Craft Knife Blades Safer?

Slice blades share some qualities—beyond their finger-friendly edge grind—that set them apart from traditional blades. Firstly, they’re made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, which means that they’re:
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-magnetic
  • Chemically inert
  • Never rust
  • Oil and lubricant free
  • Safe up to 1600°C
All of these qualities contribute to the overall safety of the blades, and make them viable candidates for applications that are unsuited to metal blades. In addition, Slice blades are thick and durable; they last up to 11.2 times longer than metal blades. This is a safety benefit because it reduces potentially dangerous blade handling.

How Long Do Slice Craft Knife Blades Last?What About Utility Knives as Box Cutters?

As mentioned above, Slice blades last up to 11.2 times longer than relatively soft metal blades. For double-sided blades, such as the 10535 chisel, that average multiples to 22.4 per blade. Because our blades are made from extremely hard zirconium oxide and are designed to be thick and durable, they’re unlikely to suffer chips large enough to affect their performance, so long as they’re used as designed. This sturdiness saves time and money for the user.

Do All Slice Craft Knife Replacement Blades Fit Interchangeably in All Slice Craft Handles?

All our replacement craft blades fit in the following precision handles:
  • The 10548 Craft Knife
  • The 10589 Craft Knife (Safety Cap)
  • The 10568 Ceramic Scalpel (Replaceable Blade)
While our chisel blades do fit in the 10580 Precision Knife handle, their orientation in the handle makes them tricky to use, so we don’t recommend chisel blades for this handle. All other replacement blades for crafting will fit in the 10580 handle.

Our seam ripper handles (10596 and 10597) include a notch in the housing. This means that these handles are only compatible with the 10536 and 10537 seam ripper blades. These same seam-ripper-style craft blades, however, can go in all of the above listed handles.