Carefully Designed for Confident Cutting

Whether you are an online shopper, artist, DIY-er, tinkerer, chef, or outdoor enthusiast, you will find a safe tool fit for the job.

Experience Safety, Redefined

We refuse to accept the conventional thinking that a tool must be dangerous. Our tools are sharp enough to do the job with less risk of injury.

  • Slice Blades, No Band-Aids

    We’ve taken the humble blade out of the Stone Age. By rethinking the material, the cutting zone, and the sharpness of the blade itself, we’ve created proprietary Finger-Friendly® blades that are designed to cut everything except you.

  • A Cut Above the Rest

    Because bulkier isn't always better, we’ve questioned, rethought, and redesigned everything from the shape of the handles to the way you change out blades. We’ve created tools that work as well as they feel.

  • Focus on What Matters

    From our roots in supporting Autism to the reduced stress that comes with a tool that is safe for performing daily tasks, everything we do is intended to help you create a better life.

  • Made to Last

    Slice proprietary Finger-Friendly® blades are made with 100% zirconium oxide, a very hard ceramic material that lasts 11.2 times longer than metal tools.

Tools for Life

You will wonder how you ever lived without them

  • Box Cutters

    • Opening packages

    • Breaking down boxes

    • Moving

  • Utility Knives

    • Opening packages, from online orders to food packaging

    • Breaking down boxes

    • Slicing open plastic wrap

  • Micro-Ceramic Blade Knives

    • Family-friendly arts & crafts

    • Fine art

    • Cutting tape, labels, and stickers

  • Scissors

    • Family-friendly arts & crafts

    • All-purpose kitchen work

    • Cutting flowers and herbs

Every Cut, Every Project, Everyday

For parents, home renovation pros, and average joes, our inclusively designed tools are easy for all to use.

  • Wish I had ordered this sooner! I have a LOT of boxes. I feel 10x safer using this tool

    Mom of a 2-year-old

  • Awesome tool - the handle is sturdy yet lightweight, the blade is sharp yet safe.


  • Love this tool! Easy to open and close, looks cool, cuts well, and fits in your pocket.